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September 2019 Police Log

8/31/2019 Student came into the station to report his friend had been assaulted. Officers responded. AC on call and MCPD spoke with the victim, female resident student, and she declined to be transported and signed a medical waiver, AFD cleared. Officers were able to locate the suspect, male resident student. 

8/31/2019 Resident student was arrested and charged with simple assault, resisting arrest, and intimidate/retaliate, Juror/Witness/Police/Court official. He was transported to APD for booking.

9/4/2019 Student came in to report his Yeti Cup was stolen. His information was taken and he was advised an officer would be doing a report and checking cameras. 

9/5/2019 Resident student reported her roommate told her there are spider eggs in her bed. Officers responded and spoke with the female student. AC on duty was contacted, student refused emergency placement for the night. 

9/5/2019 Officer responded to the food truck outside Crowe Hall to speak with an employee and a student who are having a disagreement. 

9/07/2019 MCPD responded to a residential hall for reports of an unresponsive male laying in the middle of the hallway. The individual was arrested and transported to the hospital. 

9/08/2019 RA called MCPD to report of a fight on the main stairwell of O’Brien. Units advised and responding. Officer reports they are looking for a male subject that ran out of the building with a ripped shirt. Officers report that individuals involved are 2 resident students and one non-student. 

9/08/2019 A 61 years old resident at Royal Crest called, he wanted to know who he could speak to regarding the students that live above him. AC on duty was contacted.

9/10/2019 Officer spoke with resident in Monican Hall about turning down his television and keeping his voice down every night. 

9/10/2019 Mother of commuter student called to see if we could help her locate her son whom she can’t get in contact with. Officers located her son who was in class and he will be going to speak with his mother who is parked on campus. 

9/13/2019 Student came in to report her ‘Donald Trump’ magnet had been stolen from her car. She will be filling out a statement form and an officer will be taking a report.

9/13/2019  Caller from Royal Crest advising kids in the apartment below them are being loud. MCPD did walk through of building and did not hear anything. 

9/16/2019 Dispatch received two calls simultaneously reporting a woman stopping students and preaching religion and end of the world info. Officers responded to the area. Check of surrounding areas, could not find a subject matching the description. 

9/17/2019 Resident student called to report a suspicious looking male walking around in LOT K looking into car windows. MCPD responded and could not locate anyone walking around in the lot. Check of cameras yielded negative results.