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Senior Students Start Thinking Ahead

By Nichole Raver ’16

Staff Writer


“What are your plans for after graduation?”

It’s the dreaded question no senior student wants to answer. But really, what ARE you doing after graduation?

For those still struggling with the answer, some recent Merrimack graduates have some advice — Merrimack has plenty of people on campus who can help figure out the answers and relieve some of the stress.

The first step to success after graduation is a perfect resume, graduates said. Take your resume and cover letter to the O’Brien Center for Student Success to get it application ready. They will help you look it over and make any corrections your roommates might have missed. 

“Laura Thibodeau at the career center is a saint,” said recent Merrimack graduate, Derek Parrella.

“She helped me a lot with my resume,” said Saul Gonzalez, another recent graduate.

Graduates also advised to make career advisors close acquaintances these last few months. They will help with career and education goals. Professors are also a great resource.

“As an athletic training major, my professors were very helpful in reviewing and editing my cover letters and resume before I tried to apply for grad schools and jobs,” said graduate, Nicole Pietrosimone. “Also, use the career center. I went there for a quiet place to take my phone/Skype interviews and it was perfect. The employees there seemed very welcoming and helpful.”

Merrimack also has tools like  O*NET to help students find what career path best fits with their interests. O*NET allows students to look at different careers based on major and interests. O*NET can be accessed online at onetonline.org or on the Merrimack website.

The Advantage website is another tool which allows students to look for full-time, part-time, or internship positions. Employers post job and internship opportunities that Merrimack students might find interesting. Advantage can be accessed from the career center’s website.