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School says it’s mildew, not mold

Bridget McAnulty ’15

Staff Writer 

In the last edition of The Beacon several K tower residents reported concerns about possible mold in their bathrooms. This week the administration said that the bathrooms have been tested and what they found in some ceiling tiles was mildew not mold.

Merrimack’s Vice President of Communications, James Chiavelli released a statement saying that “based on student concerns, facilities managers inspected some residences hall bathrooms and observed spots on some of the bathroom tiles and ceilings. We had the substance lab-tested and determined it was mildew, which is easily addressed with commercial bathroom cleaning solutions or a simple mix of bleach and water.”

Chiavelli said that in the cases that were reported to the college, members of the facilities staff responded to the issue by wiping down the surfaces where mildew was present.

According to the Merrimack College student handbook, students that live in residence halls with private bathrooms and showers are responsible for cleaning their bathrooms and showers as a condition of living in those particular rooms.

“During the upcoming Christmas break, facilities staff will replace tiled showers in some O’Brien suites with one-piece shower stalls, as the start of a comprehensive replacement project.” Chiavelli said.

If students have questions or concerns regarding the maintenance of their rooms they are urged to contact the Office of Residence Life at ext. 5507.


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