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Royal Treatment to Royal Crest Apartments and Beyond

Samantha Barbargallo, Staff Writer ’15

Thanks to a new shuttle service, students wishing to go to Royal Crest, Chipotle and Boston now don’t need cars to do so.

Residents of Royal Crest Estates now have it easier than ever! Merrimack has initiated a new shuttle system this semester. This shuttle runs 24/7 so you’ll always have a ride. It will run on twenty-minute rotations up until midnight. It will then proceed on half-hour rotations through the night.

Though the main goal of this shuttle is to get students to and from Royal Crest as safely and quickly as possible, it also makes numerous other stops. The new shuttle can also take students to and from Crossroads Plaza which contains Fuddruckers, Tripoli’s Pizza, Starbucks Coffee, Zinga Frozen Yogurt and more.

The shuttle will also take students to Eaglewood Plaza, where Chipotle is located. Want to go to the movies on a Friday or Saturday? The shuttle will be taking students to and from the Loop in Methuen, which is a large shopping plaza with various restaurants as well as an AMC Cinemas. It will also be driving students to and from Andover station so it will be easier for students to go into Boston when they want.

Senior Lindsey states “the new shuttle is a great addition to our campus! It makes hanging out with my friends who live in Royal Crest so much easier. I think it should also take students to and from the Claddagh in Lawrence on Thursdays though, that would make life a whole lot easier.” She jokes but in reality, she makes a valid point.

The shuttle stop on campus is located outside the Volpe complex, right near the Dunkin’ Donuts. The shuttle stop at Royal Crest Estates is located right outside the leasing office, by the greenhouse. A Merrimack ID or valid visitors pass is required to ride but the shuttle is free for all Merrimack students, faculty and employees to ride. The Shuttle schedule is posted on the Merrimack College website under student involvement/transportation. For more information or any questions about the new shuttle system, you can contact Police Services.

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