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Richie’s Fantasy Booms, Busts & Sleepers: Week 8

Richie DiMarzo

Quarterback Booms

Mathew Stafford: Stafford has been playing ast an elite level all season long and this week he has an amazing matchup against the Houston Texans. He posted a solid 27.16 points last week against his former team, and I don’t think this weak Texans defense will slow him down. The Texans defense is ranked #22 against quarterbacks this season and I expect Stafford to have a huge game again. Expect the Rams to absolutely blow out the Texans in week 8.

Josh Allen: Josh Allen is another guy who has been producing at a top level and he has been lighting up the league being ranked the quarterback #6 this season. This week he faces off against a Dolphins defense who hasn’t been able to stop anyone this season as they are ranked #26 against quarterbacks this season. Josh Allen is going to have a great opportunity to light it up this week and I think he will come through for your fantasy team.

Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers is going against the only undefeated team in the league left and I think he is ready to upset the Cardinals this week. He is going to have an opportunity to prove a statement and show everyone he is still a top quarterback in today’s league and I think this will lead to lots of production for the vertebrae. The Cardinals are ranked #3 against quarterbacks this season, but I think Rodgers will defy all odds and pop off.

Quarterback Busts

Ryan Tannehill: Tannehill hasn’t had the best season to say the least, but this week he is going against a strong defense in the Indianapolis Colts who have been heating up lately. I feel there won’t be much production from Tannehill this week and if the Titans want to win they will have to feed the man himself Derrick Henry. This is never good for Tannehill because Henry doesn’t get many passes and if Henry continues to have 30+ carry games this is bad news for Tannehill’s production.

Justin Herbert: Herbert coming off a bye week is faced against a team’s defense I hate betting against because they always have a great gameplan. The New England Patriots are ranked #7 against quarterbacks this season and I think they will get in the way of Herbert’s season rhythm so far. Herbert has been outstanding, but this is looking like the off week we are all ready for and I don’t expect much from the second year quarterback.

Carson Wentz: Wentz hasn’t done much with his new team so far and I don’t see this being the week he makes a big leap. Wentz is only ranked as the quarterback #14 this season and I don’t really expect him to have any big weeks. He is going up against a bad Tennessee Titans defense this week and even though it looks like a good matchup, I still have no faith in him to produce for your team this week.

Quarterback Sleeper

Joe Burrow: Burrow has been on another level lately and I think it is impossible to not think he will do good this week. He is going up against The New York Jets who are a very weak defense this season and I think Burrow is going to light it up. Coming off a huge win against a great Ravens team and I think he is going to continue that streak. Burrow is a great start this week and this is why he is my sleeper.

Running Back Booms

Dalvin Cook: Cook coming off a bye week is given a great matchup against the Cowboys defensive front who haven’t done much this season. Cook is a top running back in today’s league and anytime you see a player of his caliber have a good matchup, you automatically assume they will boom. Cook also gets an amazing amount of usage and volume and I think he will dominate this Cowboys defense.

Najee Harris: Najee has just been on a different level this season and coming off of a bye week I think he is going to get to work this week. He faces off against the Cleveland Browns, but when you get as much volume and touches as Najee, it’s hard not to score points. I expect Najee to have another huge day and to score possibly more than one touchdown. The Browns are a great defense, but I think Najee will defy these odds and pop off.

James Robinson: Robinson just can’t seem to stop scoring touchdowns with 5 touchdowns in the last 4 games which is incredible. He is going up against the second worst run defense in the league in the Seattle Seahawks who give up an average of 31.11 points to running backs over game. Robinson should have a field day against this weak defense and it should be an awesome day for Robinson fantasy owners.

Running Back Busts

Aaron Jones: Aaron Jones has been very inconsistent this season spanning from scoring 40 points in a game to then scoring 8 points last game. This week he is going up against the #6 ranked run defense in the Arizona Cardinals and I feel like they will be all over Jones on Thursday. Jones is a great running back, but the Cardinals haven’t given any running backs good opportunities to score points and I don’t see Jones starting this trend and turning it around. 

Antonio Gibson: Antonio Gibson has been pretty deflating this season and this week with him having a tough matchup I think he will continue to play bad. He is playing against a Broncos defense who is ranked #9 against the run this season and I think they will lock up Gibson all game. Gibson just seems to not be playing like himself and I don’t think today will be the day he fixes this.

Myles Gaskin: Gaskin is completely unreliable and inconsistent with his last 4 week scores being .30, 31.90, 3.40, and 17.70. This week he is facing a strong Bills defense and I think Gaskin will continue his inconsistent pattern and have a tough week. Gaskin isn’t guaranteed much volume in general and with a defense this good I think they will lock Gaskin up all game long. The Bills are also ranked #2 against the run this year which is absurdly good. 

Running Back Sleeper

Joe Mixon: Joe Mixon has been very successful this season against good matchups and would you look at that, he is matched up against the New York Jets. The Jets are ranked dead last against running backs this season and I think Mixon will absolutely light it up. Mixon can be inconsistent and that’s why people are starting to fade away from him, but I am definitely hopping on the hype train and CONFIDENTLY making him my sleeper this week.

Wide Receiver Booms

A.J. Brown: A.J. Brown has just started to kick it into gear coming off back to back good weeks and he is finally showing up as the receiver we all thought he was. This week he faces off against a Colts defense who has been pretty good this season, but I think A.J. Brown is too hot right now to not say he will be a boom. Tannehill is finally finding his step with Brown and I can see this leading to another huge game from the young wide receiver.

Tyreek Hill: Tyreek is so hit or miss, but I think there is no way that he doesn’t score a lot of points this week. He is going up against the New York Giants who aren’t a great defense at all and I think Tyreek is going to run all over them. He is such a tough player to defend and especially when he plays a weaker secondary this could lead to Hill winning your fantasy team games this week.

Justin Jefferson: Jefferson coming off a bye week is quickly taking over that indefinite wide receiver 1 role in Minnesota and I think this week he is going to have a huge game. The Cowboys secondary is very overrated and it is shown in the stats where they are ranked #27 against wide receivers this season. Jefferson should have a great opportunity to shine this week and I can see him finishing as a top player in week 8.

Wide Receiver Busts

Keenan Allen: Allen has been very solid as someone who is playing good every game, but he hasn’t had that breakout game we have been looking for. This week he faces off against a great Patriots defense and I think they will find a way to shut him down this week. The Patriots always have a great game plan and I think I’d be lying if they weren’t putting most of their focus on that guy Keenan Allen.

Amari Cooper: Cooper began the season amazing, but he has slowly declined as his partner Cede Lamb has taken the spotlight. This week Dallas faces off against a Minnesota Vikings secondary who has been decent this season, and I think Cooper will struggle to find production. Between Cooper, Zeke, and Lamb it’s hard for Cooper to dominate touches and I feel against this Minnesota secondary he will not see much volume.

Terry Mclaurin: Mclaurin is coming off a huge week posting 25.20 points in week 7 and I think that is going to get shut down this week. Mclaurin has been inconsistent this season and facing off against a top secondary in the league in the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are ranked #9 against wide receivers this season and I feel they will be looking to shut Mclaurin down all game long. He is a great receiver, but this defense will out play him.

Wide Receiver Sleeper

Emmanuel Sanders: This week I am going deep in my bag to find my sleeper wide receiver and I think he has amazing upside this week. Sanders is a great receiver in a top offense in football and with a great matchup, I can see him getting lots of production. He faces off against the Dolphins who are very weak and in a situation where I think Josh Allen will have a big day, it is hard for me to not have faith in Sanders getting some of that volume.

TIght End Booms

Tyler Higbee: Higbee is a model of consistency and he continues to post solid games week in and week out. This week has had a great matchup against the Houston Texans who have been weak all season long. The Rams offense has been looking off the charts and I think Higbee is going to be involved in a big part of their success again this week. Expect Higbee to find the endzone on Sunday and get your team some points.

Dalton Schultz: Schultz has turned it up the last few weeks and I think he is going to continue that success this week. He has a great matchup against the Minnesota Vikings who haven’t been outstanding this year and I think Schultz will get a lot of action. He is a great weapon for Prescott especially in the red zone and I think he has tons of upside to be a boom this week.

Travis Kelce: We can’t say enough about this guy, and especially when he has a good matchup you have to believe he will have a great day. He is going against a Giants team who is ranked #18 against fright ends this weekend and I don’t see any way they stop Travis. He is such a good player because of the usage he has in that elite offense and I feel this week he is set up to have a crazy game and maybe even see the endzone multiple times.

Tight End Busts

Mike Gesicki: Gesicki is coming into this week off of back to back good weeks, but his matchup is too tough for me to think he will shine this week. He is going against the #8 ranked defense against tight ends this season by the Buffalo Bills. I feel they are going to be all over Gesicki and it is going to be very tough for him to produce numbers for your team. Gesicki will definitely have an off week.

Noah Fant: Fant had been pretty inconsistent this season where he can either go off or not produce much at all. This week he has a tough matchup against the Washington Football team who even though they haven’t shown it, they are a great defense. Fant is going to struggle especially with his quarterback facing a tough pass rush. It is going to be hard for Fant to get the ball at any time.

T.J. Hockenson: Hockenson started this year on fire, but has slowly just started to fall off. He hasn’t hit a 20 point week since week 2 and this week he places a strong Eagles defense. The Eagles are a very underrated team especially on the defensive side of the ball. They are going to be all over Jared Goff and Hockenson won’t see much opportunity to shine especially against this pass rush.

Tight End Sleeper

Rob Gronkowski: Gronkowski is coming off of an injury this week, and I expect him to be right back to his old shenanigans. He is a top red zone threat in the NFL and Brady loves going to this guy. Gronkowski had a total of 6 red one targets in 3 games which is an insane statistic. Gronkowski is going up against a Saints team that Brady is looking to light up this week and I expect Gronkowski to see the endzone.