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Richie’s Fantasy Booms, Busts & Sleepers: Week 5

Richie DiMarzo

Quarterback Booms

Aaron Rodgers: It’s so easy to predict Rodgers will do good every week just because of how good of a quarterback he is, but this week’s matchup has potential for him to absolutely kill it. He is going up against a weaker Cincinnati Bengals defense who has allowed over 300 yards in three of their last four games. Rodgers will most likely tear this defense apart and have a great day for your fantasy team.

Josh Allen: One of the strongest arms in football has begun to make this a weekly thing as he continues to be put on the list of booms. Allen and the Bills are coming off an absolute dominant 40-0 win and I can’t see him slowing down at all. He is facing a Kansas City defense who hasn’t been able to stop anybody which is why they are ranked second to last against quarterbacks this season. Allen will have to put up a lot of points this week to win and I can see him doing it.

Tom Brady: Brady didn’t have the week we all would have liked last week. This was almost expected as he would have been insanely nervous going back to his old stadium. This week he faces off against a decent Dolphins defense, but I do not think they will get the job done against him. Brady is going to sling it all over this week and he is going to have a monster game.

Quarterback Busts

Russell Wilson: It is now Russell Wilson’s turn to be on the bust list for the soul reason of his matchup. Russ is a great quarterback, but that rams defense is scary. With Donald coming at you and Ramsey shadowing the field it is going to be hard for Wilson to produce. It is going to be a long day for Russ.

Lamar Jackson: Lamar faces off against the Colts who are coming off a great defensive week and I do not see them taking any setbacks this week. The Ravens are ranked #22 among all offenses and they haven’t been very explosive this season. Lamar hasn’t been putting up crazy numbers either and I just don’t see a way that he goes off this week.

Justin Herbert: Herbert has absolutely been lighting up the league lately, but I feel this may be a slower week for him. The Chargers take on Clevland’s tough defense this week containing Myles Garrett and I think the Brown’s D will make it hard on Justin this week. I don’t think Justin will completely flop this week, but I think his normal production is going to be slowed down.

Quarterback Sleeper

Mac Jones: We couldn’t applaud Mac Jones enough for the job he did last week against Brady and the Buccaneers almost pulling off the upset win. Mac is now facing an absolutely terrible Texans defense where he will get the chance to light it up. Nobody really starts Jones with him only being started by 0.5% of leagues. I am choosing him as my quarterback sleeper this week and I am confident.

Running Back Booms

Dalvin Cook: Dalvin Cook was being eased back into things last week coming back from an injury and that is why we did not see the normal production from Cook that we are used to. This week Cook gets a beautiful matchup against the Detroit Lions who are ranked #29 against running backs this season. Cook is such a great back, so expect a huge week from him.

Aaron Jones: Aaron Jones is quietly a top back in this league and I expect nothing but great numbers from him this week. He faces off against a weak Bengals defense who give up an average of 23.13 points to running backs every week. Jones will have a great day in the run and passing game and I expect him to carry your team this week.

Alvin Kamara: Kamara hasn’t been having those breakout games like we have wanted him to, but I feel like it’s only a matter of time until he pops off. Kamara is one of the best pass catching running backs in the league and I feel this is the week we will see that. He is going up against the Washington Football Team who has been pretty shaky on defense and I think Kamara will take advantage.

Running Back Busts

Chris Carson: Chris Carson in my eyes is a pretty overrated running back and if isn’t able to produce against defenses like the 49ers, how is he supposed to perform against the Rams this week? I don’t see any way he has a big game with Aaron Donald on the field and this will cause him to be a bust.

Antonio Gibson: Antonio Gibson has been on this busts list for a while now and I feel this comes from him splitting reps with J.D. Mckissic. Gibson is a good running back, but this week he has to face the ferocious defense of the New Orleans Saints and I think it is going to be a very tough day for the running back. New Orleans is ranked #8 against running backs this season and they are not gonna let up on Gibson.

Jonathon Taylor: Taylor is such a hard running back to predict because he has games where he scores 6 points and then games where he scores 20. This week he goes against a strong Ravens defense and I think he will be shut down. I see this game being low scoring and I don’t see much production coming from Taylor.

Running Back Sleeper

James Robinson: James Robinson is a very underrated player in this league and whenever he is faced with a good matchup I am always confident in him putting up numbers. He faces off against a very bad Titans defense this week and Robinson should have a field day. Robinson is a very solid option this weak and that is why he is my sleeper.

Wide Receiver Booms

Deebo Samuel: Deebo Samuel has been absolutely lighting it up this season as he leads the NFL in receiving yards and I don’t expect this Cardinals defense to slow him down. He is a great option in this 49ers offense and I can see him having a lot of volume in this game since the Cardinals have been getting themselves into high scoring shootouts this season.

Tyreek Hill: Tyreek Hill is coming off one of the best wide receiver performances I have ever seen and I don’t see any way he doesn’t have a big week. Yeah he might not have another 50 point week, but I can definitely see him going off in a high scoring shootout versus this Bills defense. Both teams are high powered offenses and I think Hill will be a big factor this week.

Calvin Ridley: Ridley is always a solid option to have in your lineup every week, but I feel with a great matchup against the Jets this week he could definitely go off. Calvin Ridley is a beast on the field and the Jets give up an average of 28.88 points to wide receivers each week and Ridley should be no different.

Wide Receiver Busts 

D.K. Metcalf: It’s time for D.K. Metcalf will go through the wrath of Jalen Ramsey this week and it is going to be a tough one for him. This defense is crazy good and I feel Metcalf is going to have a very hard time producing when he will be shadowed all game. Don’t expect many points from this man.

Marquise Brown: Marquise Brown has surprisingly been having a pretty good season for his quarterback Lamar Jackson, but I think that luck is going to run out. Going up against a pretty good Colts secondary I feel those long ball plays for Brown won’t be as available and without that he will not have the opportunity to produce.

Courtland Sutton: Sutton was supposed to be a lot better of a receiver this year than he has been showing and now going up against a tough Steelers defense, I can’t see him doing much. Sutton is ranked as the wide receiver #47 and he is just not a great option to start, especially not this week.

Wide Receiver Sleeper

Justin Jefferson: Jefferson is so good that it is hard to put him as a sleeper, but I think this guy can really go for a game over 30 points this week. I don’t think he will just have a normal game. I think he will have a historical game against a very bad Detroit defense that the Vikings tear apart every single year.

Tight End Booms

Darren Waller: Waller is such a beast and I know I say it every week, but it is so hard to not put this guy on the boom list. He is going up against the Bears this week who are honestly a tough matchup, but for someone of his caliber it doesn’t matter. I believe he is gonna have another huge game and light it up.

Travis Kelce: Kelce is getting geared up for a game that could have a score of 45-42. He is going to be a huge factor in scoring those points. It is going to be two high powered offenses facing off on Sunday and I believe Kelce has a chance to go for 2 touchdowns or even more. Kelce should be all over the field this game.

Dalton Schultz: Schultz has been popping off lately and finding the end zone a lot with 3 touchdowns and two games which is pretty impressive. He has a good matchup this week against a sub-par Giants defense and I think he can find the endzone again. Prescott loves Schultz in the red zone and I feel this could cause him to have a huge game.

Tight End Busts

Mark Andrews: Andrews has a tough task this week going up against the Indianapolis Colts who are ranked #15 against tight ends and I feel this defense is going to be ready and game plan all week for Andrews. Lamar loves Andrews as a target, but this Colts defense is going to be all over the field and denying Andrews at all times.

Jared Cook: Cook had a very good game last week recording a total of 19 points due to a huge touchdown he had. This week he faces off against the Cleveland Browns and I feel he will not be that productive force he was last week. The Browns defense is ranked #9 against tight ends this season and I can see them locking Cook down this week.

Noah Fant: Fant hasn’t been too impressive thus far and this week he is faced with a strong Pittsburgh defense that will cause lots of problems for him. This defense is all over the field and they do not allow many points to tight ends. They are ranked #12 against tight ends this season and I feel like they will be all over Fant this week.

Tight End Sleeper

T.J. Hockenson: Hockenson is such a good option because he is honestly the only valuable target in the passing game on his team so they need to give him the ball. Hockenson goes against a weak Vikings defense and he is fully prepared to go off this week and I expect him to get in the endzone multiple times. I think the Lions will slowly keep up with the Vikings scoring wise and this will lead to Hockenson’s production.