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Richie’s Fantasy Booms, Busts & Sleepers: Week 4

Richie DiMarzo

Quarterback Booms

Tom Brady: this week Tom Brady finally comes back to his homeland at New England to face off against the Patriots. Now from watching Tom Brady over the years, I’ve noticed that whenever there is something at stake or some chip on his shoulder, he never folds. He is going out there to tear apart the patriots and to rub it in Belichick’s face on why the Patriots needed him. Brady is going to give you many points this week.

Josh Allen: Josh Allen finally had that Josh Allen level game last week and now going up against an absolutely horrible Houston Texans defense he will be ready to sling the rock all over the field again. Allen will be looking to throw as much as possible and this is greatest up for a boom week.

Justin Herbert: Herbert just outplayed Patrick Mahomes and the chiefs last week and it doesn’t look like he is slowing down. He is faced with a weaker Raiders defense and he will definitely be ready to light it up again. His weapons are too good to not capitalize in this type of situation.

Quarterback Busts

Lamar Jackson: The Denver Broncos are 3-0 and they are absolutely rolling right now. Lamar Jackson is going to have a tough time against this young and fired up defense and you already know Vonn Miller is going to give him problems. Denver’s defense is ranked #1 against all quarterbacks during this season and I don’t see them shying away from Lamar Jackson.

Kyler Murray: Kyler Murray has been playing out of his mind lately, but now he is finally faced with what I think is the best defense in the NFL. The Rams are absolutely stacked on the defensive side and they will have Murray blanketed all game. It will also be tough for Murray to run with Aaron Donald chasing him all game.

Dak Prescott: Dak Prescott hasn’t been lighting it up like I have been expecting him to and he is faced with a high rolling Carolina Panthers team who has been winning a lot lately. The Panthers are not looking to end this winning streak they are on and I think they will make Prescott have a very tough day.

Quarterback Sleeper

Jalen Hurts: Jalen Hurts is such a good fantasy quarterback in today’s game and he is being faced with a great matchup this week. I don’t think there are many people starting Jalen Hurts this week with just a 41% start percentage. He is currently ranked #5 among all quarterbacks and going up against the Chiefs I think he will light it up.

Runnning Back Booms

Alvin Kamara: Alvin Kamara is just such an elite running back in the pass and run game and with a not particularly rough matchup this week, I can see him going off. He faces off against the New York Giants and in the last 3 games they are ranked #25 against all running backs. I am so excited to see Kamara get all of his fantasy teams points this week.

Najee Harris: The thing that is so great about having Najee Harris in fantasy football is that he is literally the only running back on his team. He gets all the workload in the backfield and with 19 targets last week, I can see him in for a big workload once again this week.

Chris Carson: I am taking a little bit of a leap by putting Chris Carson here, but I am stoked that he made it. Carson is a very consistent running back and going against the #28 ranked defense against running backs in the 49ers I can see him having a field day in the end zone.

Running Back Busts

Saquon Barkley: Saquon is now back on the bust list and this is mainly due to his match up. He had a great week last week, but I do not see him keeping it up against this great Saints defensive line. I feel the Giants Offensive line will not be able to give Saquon any space and this will hurt his fantasy production immensely.

D’Andre Swift: Swift has been very impressive through 3 weeks, but I feel this will be one of his first down weeks all season. He goes up against a scrappy Bears defense lead by Khalil Mack and it will be a very tough day for this running back. This defense is very good and in a divisional matchup they will be seeking to shut down this Detroit offense.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire: Clyde showed last week that he still is a productive running back, but going against a tough Eagles defense with Fletcher Cox up front it is going to be hard to produce points. 

Running Back Sleeper

Antonio Gibson: Antonio Gibson has been a very disappointing running back through the first 3 weeks, but I feel this will finally be his breakout week. People are starting to fade away from this guy and I am here to tell you that he will light it up against this weak Atlanta defense

Wide Receiver Booms

Stephon Diggs: Diggs has been very slow compared to how we are used to seeing Diggs play. His quarterback is finally getting back to his elite form and this should mean that Diggs will as well. He is faced with an easy matchup against the Houston Texans and Diggs should absolutely tear this defense apart.

Keenan Allen: Keenan has been showing his elite skill week in and week out and I don’t see him slowing down at all in a great matchup versus the Raiders. The Raiders defense is ranked #16 against wide receivers and with Allen’s quarterback playing out of his mind, Keenan is in for a huge game.

Justin Jefferson: Jefferson is coming off a monster week after posting 9 receptions for 118 yards and a touchdown. Now it isn’t the greatest matchup facing off against the Browns, but something is telling me that he is going to tear it up this week and I am going with my gut. He is such a good receiver that it is hard to ever doubt him.

Wide Receiver Busts

Tyler Lockett: Lockett is finally going through his Tyler Lockett faze where he tears it up at the beginning of the season and then slowly regresses. He is going into a matchup which isn’t particularly hard, but I just don’t see Lockett putting up those insane numbers like I watched him do before. He is going to keep regressing and will become average again.

Davante Adams: Davantae is going up against a very strong defense this week in the Pittsburgh Steelers and it won’t be so much him getting locked down it will be more of a hard day for his quarterback Aaron Rodgers. This will lead to a tough day for Davante and will decrease his production immensely.

Calvin Ridley: Ridley was supposed to be a top receiver in all of football this year and we have only seen a flash of this in one game this season. Now being faced with a tough matchup in the Washington Football team. They are going to wreak havoc on Matt Ryan this week and will make it a tough day for Ridley to see much production.

Wide Receiver Sleeper

D.J. Moore: D.J. Moore has been showing every week that he is an elite receiver and with a great matchup versus a weak Cowboys defense this week he has potential to pop off once again. People are trying to say he is insistent and that his success won’t last, but I am here to defend him and put him in my sleeper position.

Tight End Booms

Darren Waller: Waller is such a great tight end in this game and with a good matchup against the Chargers it is impossible for him to not see [. He is going to get a great amount of targets like he is used to seeing and he is bound to turn those catches into great production. He is such a beast when he puts it out wide and I guarantee you will see him there a lot this week. 

Rob Gronkowski: Gronkowski has actually been producing at a high level lately and as dumb as it sounds, I feel Brady is going to make sure he will produce this week. With Brady being obnoxious ashe is he will want the former Patriot to have a big day to also rub it in Belichick’s face. He would love to see Gronkowski go off this week and I feel we will see it happen.

Kyle Pitts: I know all the fantasy owners are starting to get fed up with this man, but I think this will finally be his week. He is going up against a great pass rush in Washington and this should lead Matt Ryan to have to get the ball ointment quickly and dump it off to Kyle Pitts. Pitts is a monster athlete and it is about time he breaks out.

Tight End Busts

Robert Tonyan: Tonyan continues to not impress me weak in and week out and how am I supposed to support him now when he has to go up against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tonyan doesn’t get many targets and with this defense being so strong this is a game where he potentially may not even see 1. He is going to have to be blocking most of the game due to the elite pass rush of the Steelers and this will kill his production.

Noah Fant: Noah Fant had a shaky week last week and I continue to believe his production will stay downhill matching up against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are a very elite and strong defense in today’s league and you know they will be all over Fant during this matchup. Fant it’s going to have a tough day and this will cause him to be a bust this week.

Dalton Schultz: Schultz is coming off a monster week and I am here to call it an absolute fluke. Schultz is faced with a tough matchup against the Panthers who have been on an absolute tear lately. Schultz doesn’t see much production as it is and in a tough matchup I see it hard for him to produce at a high level.

Tight End Sleeper

Jared Cook: Cook is not a top tight end in today’s league, but I wanted to go out on a limb and pick him as my sleeper. He has a great matchup against the Raiders who are not particularly strong on the defensive side of the football and I can see him having a big day. Also as a quarterback who loves to share the football I can definitely see him getting in that end zone this week.