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Richie’s Fantasy Booms, Busts & Sleepers: Week 3

Richie DiMarzo

Quarterback Booms

Kyler Murray: Kyler Murray has continued to show us that he has one of the most lethal and elusive skill sets in the NFL and with his great matchup I expect nothing less than a great game. He is going up against the Jacksonville Jaguars and their defense for a lack of better words is abysmal and I am expecting an absolutely huge game out of Kyler, maybe the best game of his whole entire season.

Justin Herbert: I know Justin Herbert has been letting owners down the past two weeks, but I know I am not giving up on him. In a game against the Kansas City Chiefs who always find themselves in high scoring shootouts, Justin Herbert will get an absolutely amazing opportunity to finally find his rhythms and shine this week. Also with Mike Williams evolving as a lethal threat as Herbert’s wide receiver two, he will have more than enough weapons to succeed.

Russell Wilson: After seeing how bad that Minnesota secondary was last week, I expect Russell Wilson to do Russell Wilson things and shred that defense. We all know how elite this man is and the way that his receivers Metcalf and Lockett are playing, he is in for a huge week. This Minnesota defense is #29 against quarterbacks through two weeks and I don’t see them turning things around.

Quarterback Busts

Ryan Tannehill: Now I usually don’t give up on people, but I am starting to realize that the media and us included hyped up Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill has had 2 back to back bad weeks and with his matchup versus the Colts who are a young and hungry defense in this league, he is going to struggle. I see thatTannehill is now ranked the #23 amongst all quarterbacks whichis absolutely crushing for his fantasy owners.I just don’t see him turning it  around in Week 3.

Dak Prescott: Dak is coming off of a struggling week and he is faced with another tough matchup this week. The Eagles defense is ranked #6 against all quarterbacks through 2 weeks and I can’t see them slowing down anytime soon. Also with Amari Cooper being questionable that could possibly take away a huge weapon for Dak and cause him to struggle.

Joe Burrow: Joe Burrow was actually beginning to look like a new beast of a quarterback that we didn’t know about and then, he threw 3 interceptions last week. This week he is in a divisional matchup versus what I think is a top defense in the NFL known as the Pittsburgh Steelers and they are going to absolutely destroy Burrow this week. The Bengals offensive line is terrible and Burrow is a terrible under-pressure quarterback.

Quarterback Sleeper

Josh Allen: Josh Allen really hasn’t had that pop off week yet and it is just a matter of time in which an elite quarterback does so. He is faced with an honestly good defense this week, but with guys like Josh Allen their matchup rarely matters. He can put up numbers against any team in the league and I expect nothing less from him.

Running Back Booms

Najee Harris: Najee came through for me last week and I am excited to see him do it again. He is coming off of a 20 point game and with him going against a top 5 worst defensive line in the Cincinnati Bengals he should have a field day. Najee is such a good threat in the run and pass game and he is so tough to stop.

Nick Chubb: What more can we say about this absolute beast of a running back in today’s league. Nick Chubb faces off against Chicago which is a pretty tough matchup and I may be reaching a little bit, but I do not care. The Browns have a top offensive line and Nick Chubb is one of the best running backs in the league. I know he will have a big game.

Saquon Barkley: Saquon Barkley has finally made the boom list. Now as hard as it is to trust this man I am putting all my faith into him this week. He is faced with a great matchup versus the #20 ranked defense against running backs in the league in the Atlanta Falcons. Saquon should finally have the chance to shine and show why he is still a top fantasy running back..

Running Back Busts

Joe Mixon: Joe Mixon had a very Joe Mixon like 2 weeks of the season after posting a great game followed by a terrible game. Now with his tough matchup against the Pittsburgh defense I don’t see him having more than 10 points this week. That defense is scary and Mixon does not have the skill set to overcome that.

Derrick Henry: Derrick Henry is coming off the best running back performance we have seen all season, but the only negative thing about that is it is not sustainable. Putting up 47 points is just unrealistic and with them facing off against the Colts Derrick Henry may be shutdown once again

Aaron Jones: Now Aaron Jones is also a guy who just had an absolutely unsustainable week by scoring four touchdowns against the Lions. Aaron faces off against the 49ers and they are a very tough defense especially on the defensive line. With a combination of Nick Bosa and Fred Warner it is so tough to run the ball against this team and I can see Rodgers having a great game and taking the shine away from Jones.

Running Back Sleeper

Melvin Gordon: Melvin Gordon is a guy that nobody has faith in, even after his huge game in week 1. Melvin Gordon is a tough guy to bet on because he can be inconsistent, but I am banking on him this week and trusting him to go to work against this weak Jets defense. I am so excited to put him in this salesperson position and I am reassured to see him go to work.

Wide Receiver Booms

D.J. Moore: This receiver surprised me last week tallying a total of 21.90 points against a tough defense inthe Saints. He impressed me a lot and going against a pitiful Texans defense in week 3, I can see him breaking out once again. Sam Darnold seems to love Moore in the pass game and I think he will continue his reign of terror.

Diontae Johnson: Diontae Johnson is such a great receiver in fantasy football because of the amount of targets he receives. He has 22 targets in 2 weeks and that is insane volume. With an easy matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals he is in for an absolute field day and is ready to give you team points this week.

Stefon Diggs: Diggs hasn’t really had that usual Stefon Diggs breakout game and I feel Josh Allen is gonna make it happen this week. With the Washington Football Team’s defense being ranked #26 against wide receivers after 2 weeks, this is set up for an easier matchup for Diggs. It’s been a little too long since we saw him shine and this is the week.

Wide Receiver Busts

Adam Thielen: Adam Thielen is a great receiver, but one of his worst traits is that he is very “touchdown dependent”. If Thielen does not get in the end zone he will guarantee a bust because he does not get the yards like other receivers do. This week facing off against Seattle I am going to take a leap and say that he will not get in the end zone.

Mike Evans: Mike Evans has one of the worst possible situations which is being covered by Jalen Ramsey for a whole game. Matching up against the Rams it is going to be so hard for Evans to produce because you know Ramsey will shadow him all game.

Amari Cooper: Amari Cooper is questionable for week 3, but if he does play this week he definitely has a tough matchup going against the Eagles who will have Darius Slay all over him. Slay is a great corner in today’s game and he is known for giving receivers problems. Especially in a divisional game I feel it is going to be a hard time for Cooper.

Wide Receiver Sleeper

D.K. Metcalf: Many people are trying to discredit and act like the Seahawks “don’t know how to use” Metcalf, but the reality is Lockett has just been ballin out. Metcalf is going up against a weak secondary in the Minnesota Vikings this week and we are in for a very entertaining matchup.. Metcalf is just so athletic and dominant and this is why he is my overall sleeper receiver this week.

Tight End Booms

Darren Waller: I absolutely love Waller every week, but this week especially facing off against the Miami Dolphins this week. He has a total of 26 targets in two weeks from Derrick Carr and the Dolphins defense is ranked #19 against tight ends after two weeks. Combining these two factors Waller is definitely bound for a boom week.

Noah Fant: Noah Fant is such a sneaky good tight end and I expect nothing less than another good game from him this week. Fant being ranked the 5th best tight end in football right now combined with being matched up against the very vulnerable New York Jets, I am excited to see what Fant brings to the table this week.

George Kittle: Kittle has had fantasy owners on edge lately because he has not been putting up those elite numbers everybody is used to. This is going to be the week when people realize why they selected Kittle in their drafts. He faces off against the Green Bay Packers who have shown over the past two weeks that their defense can not get the job done and they will not be able to stop Kittle. 

Tight End Busts

T.J. Hockenson: Now Hockenson being a bust is hard to predict because he is so good, but facing off against the Ravens will be his hardest matchup yet. The ravens have a great defense and you have to get the sense that they will try to locate Hockenson at all times and try to get the ball out of his hands. Look for Hockenson to have a slower week than he has shown over the past two weeks.

Jared Cook: Jared Cook is a very mediocre tight end and I feel for him to ever be in the boom section he will need to have a great matchup. He is facing off against Kansas City where the Chargers will have to have a high powered offense to keep up with them all game. This takes away from Cook’s dump off passes and this will cause his points to shorten.

Robert Tonyan: Tonyan continues to not impress me even when he posted 14 points last game he only received 3 targets from Rodgers. Now with him going against San Francisco’s ferocious defense, I feel it will be even harder for Rodgers to find Tonyan on the field period and it is going to be a tough day in the office for him.

Tight End Sleeper

Kyle Pitts: Pitts I feel is going to be the next rookie to have a breakout game, last week being Najee Harris and now it is his turn. Pitts is such an athletic freak and with a good matchup against the New York Giants, Matt Ryan should have no problem finding him the ball this week. I am very high on this rookie tight end and I expect him to serve my sleep spot justice.