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Richie’s Fantasy Booms, Busts & Sleepers: Week 10

Richie DiMarzo

Quarterback Booms

Tom Brady: Brady is currently the number 1 ranked quarterback in the NFL right now and after coming off a bye week, he is ready to continue on his tear. He is going against the worst ranked defense in the NFL coming in at #32 in the Washington Football team. Brady has been averaging 25.24 points per game and the veteran quarterback isn’t showing any signs of slowing down now, prepare for him to breakout for your team this week.

Lamar Jackson: Lamar has been playing great football this season and coming off a huge 30 point week against the Vikings, he is looking to continue his hot streak. He faces off against the 27th ranked defense against quarterbacks this season in the Miami Dolphins and I think he will run all over them. The Dolphins haven’t really stopped anyone this year and I don’t see them stopping a quarterback the caliber of Lamar Jackson.

Josh Allen: Allen is ranked as the #5 ranked quarterbacks in the league through nine weeks and with a great matchup I think he will keep it up. He faces off against the 2-7 Jets who’s defense has given up an average of 28.74 points per week. Allen has been a fantasy monster this year and after a bad loss against the Jaguars this week, he prepares to absolutely shred this Jets defense he will have a great day.

Quarterback Busts

Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers coming off of this whole entire Covid-19 controversy, I think this will be a mental factor in his game this week. He also will not be able to start practicing until Saturday which will not allow him to be fully prepared against this Seahawks defense who is ranked #14 against quarterbacks this season. Rodgers is a great player, but he is just statistically set up for a bad week.

Mathew Stafford: Coming off of a bad week for Stafford only posting 13.06 points against a bad Titans defense I think he will continue this slump against a sleeper 49er’s defense. Stafford is the #3 ranked quarterback this season, but after seeing him play last week it is really hard for me to want to keep him out of the bust list for this week.

Ryan Tannehill: The Titans are red hot right now, but Tannehill has still yet to put up monster numbers. Tannehill just put up 14.02 against the Rams, and I feel like with another tough matchup against the New Orleans Saints he will fall short of a good day once again. The Saints are ranked #10 against quarterbacks this season and they have been known for giving quarterbacks trouble this season.

Quarterback Sleeper

Dak Prescott: It’s hard to make Dak a sleeper because of how elite he is, but after a big loss last week people are starting to doubt him. This week he has an absolutely amazing matchup against the Atlanta Falcons whos defense is ranked #28 against quarterbacks this season giving up an average of 20.80 points per game to quarterbacks. Dak should have a field day with this matchup and since they are looking to get back on track he will make it happen.

Running Back Booms

Najee Harris: Najee has been a straight up beast this season and he is now a player you can never predict will do bad. This week Najee takes on the Detroit Lions at home who are ranked #31 among all defenses against running backs. That is an amazing matchup for the rookie and with the amount of volume he gets he should be in for a huge day. Over his last four games he has received 20+ touches which is just asking for him to score you points.

Jonathon Taylor: Taylor has been unstoppable over his last few games and I think he will continue that stretch this week. He faces off against the Jacksonville Jaguars who have been pretty brutal this season. They haven’t really stopped anyone except for the Buffalo Bills last week, but I think Taylor is going to have a huge day. Coming off of a game with a total of 200 yards, I find it hard to believe that he won’t excel against this bad defense this week.

Austin Ekeler: Ekeler has been an absolute monster this season, and I think he is going to be able to tear it up this week. He faces off against the Minnesota Vikings this week who are ranked #22 against running backs this season. I expect to see a lot of usage and volume out of Ekeler on Sunday and this will allow him to score lots of points for your team. This is because he is such a threat in both the rushing and passing game.

Running Back Busts

Antonio Gibson: Gibson Has been someone this season who is impossible to keep in your starting lineup. This week he has a tougher matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have been outstanding all season. I think this defense will absolutely shut down Gibson and they will not give him many opportunities to score. I expect this game to be a blowout and that will make it very hard for Gibson to do anything.

Myles Gaskin: Myles Gaskin is very inconsistent and on Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens I think this will be one of those off weeks for him. Gaskin is hard to predict because of his inconsistency, but I think a defense as strong as the Ravens will be able to shut him down and this will lead to little or no production at all for the Dolphins running back.

D’Andre Swift: Swift has been a machine this year, but he has been bailed out multiple times with last minute touchdowns that give him free points. He is facing off against a very tough Pittsburgh defense who is ranked #3 against running backs this season, and I think they will have a huge game plan for Swift. They will not allow Swift any room to produce and this will result in a bad week for the Lions running back.

Running Back Sleeper

Leonard Fournette: Fournette has honestly been sensational this season, but people still will not give him the credit he deserves. Facing off against a weak Washington defense I think Fournette will find himself in a spot to succeed on Sunday. He is a beast of a running back and I can see him blowing up for your fantasy teams. I am choosing him as my sleeper because not many people want to believe that he is elite.

Wide Receiver Booms

Stephon Diggs: Diggs is still searching for that huge game and if he can’t get it done this week, then I don’t think he ever will. He has a fantastic matchup this week against the Jets who have not been great by any means this season. Diggs has struggled to find the endzone this season, but I think this is the perfect opportunity to pop off and have a huge game. Have faith in Diggs this week.

Tyreek Hill: Tyreek is very inconsistent, but I think this is going to be a huge week for him. The Chiefs take on the Raiders who haven’t been very good on the defensive side of the ball this season. Also the Chiefs are starting to hit their stride and their offense is starting to come together. This will lead to Tyreek maintaining that great production he showed last week and he will have another huge game on Sunday.

Chris Godwin: Godwin has cemented his great production in this Buccaneers offense and with a great matchup I can’t help but think he will have a big game. He always makes his presence felt with the volume he receives and this week he should see a lot. The Football Team is ranked #31 against wide receivers this year and I think the Bucs offense will explode.

Wide Receiver Busts

Keenan Allen: Keenan has been very consistent, but he hasn’t broken out yet. We are waiting for him to have a huge game, and I do not think it will be this week. The Vikings are a hungry defense who have been stepping up lately. I think they will be able to stop Allen from any elite production on Sunday and it will be a tough day for the veteran wide receiver.

DeAndre Hopkins: Hopkins coming off an injury is not expected to be at 100% for this week. He faces off against the #5 ranked defense against wide receivers this season in the Carolina Panthers. Given that Hopkins doesn’t get a crazy amount of volume, I think the Panthers will take away the small amount of usage that he does get. Look for Hopkins to have an off week in week 10. 

Deebo Samuel: Deebo slowly is starting to decline, only posting 11.30 points last week and this week he has a tough matchup. He is facing off against the best defense in the league in the Los Angeles Rams and they will give Deebo a rough game. That defense is all over the place and it will be a very tough task for the 49ers to deal with.

Wide Receiver Sleeper

Michael Pittman: Pittman has been outstanding and I think he will absolutely keep it going. He faces off against Jaxonville who have been pretty bad against wide receivers this season and I think Pittman will tear it up. He has been phenomenal and he is absolutely gonna have a day against this weak defense. He is definitely a great sleeper option because not many people have hopped on the bandwagon yet as well.

Tight End Booms

Darren Waller: Waller had a great week last week posting 16.20 points and finally getting back on his normal production. This week he faces off against the Kansas City Chiefs who are ranked #26 against tight ends this season and that is perfect for the All-Pro tight end. Waller is so good that whenever he has a great matchup like this one he is automatically put on the boom list and he will have a huge week this week.

Mark Andrews: Andrews has had some monster performances this season and with a spectacular matchup on Thursday Night Football, I don’t see him disappointing tonight. He is a huge target for Lamar Jackson and playing against the #19 ranked defense against tight ends in the Miami Dolphins, he should be in for a huge week. I expect Andrews to see the endzone at least one time one Thursday.

Kyle Pitts: Pitts has finally found his stride of great performances during his rookie season and I think he will keep it going this week. He faces off against the Dallas Cowboys who are ranked #20 against tight ends this season and I think Pitts will have a huge game. He has been Matt Ryan’s main target it seems like and I think he will continue to to target him immensely leading to great fantasy production.

Tight End Busts

Zach Ertz: Ertz honestly hasn’t done a whole lot in Arizona so far and I think that average streak will continue. The Panthers have been a sneaky good defense this season and I think they will deny Ertz of any big play opportunity he tries to seek. They are ranked #13 against tight ends this season and I think they will do a great job against Ertz. Don’t expect any big numbers out of the Arizona tight end this week.

Mike Gesicki: Gesicki hasn’t had many breakout weeks this year and I think on Thursday night he is set up for failure. He is going against the Baltimore Ravens who have been a great defense this season and I think they will blow out the Dolphins. I don’t see Gesicki seeing much production due to the power of this defense and the lack of fluidity that this Miami offense has shown.

George Kittle: Kittle coming off a great week is hit with a tough matchup this week against that great Rams defense. They are definitely a top defense in this league and I think they will give this 49ers offense nightmares. Kittle will have a hard time finding production when this defense will be all over the field. Kittle is a great player, but this defense is too good to project Kittle to have a monster game.

Tight End Sleeper

Dalton Schultz: Schultz has quietly been a top tight end this year and I think he will have another big game. The Falcons who Schultz faces off against are ranked #16 against tight ends, but they are clearly one of the worst defenses in the entire NFL this season. Schultz should have no problem finding production against this defense and this is why I chose Dalton Schultz as my week 10 sleeper.