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Richie’s Fantasy Booms, Busts & Sleepers: Week 2

Richie DiMarzo

Quarterback Booms

Justin Herbert: After a difficult matchup during Week 1, Justin Herbert is heading towards a much easier situation as he heads into Week 2. With the Cowboys defense being ranked #26 after Week 1, Herbert will have a great opportunity to let it fly and have a breakout week. No need to panic about his, not as productive, statline last week as he only put up 13.38 points. Herbert should return to his big numbers during his Week 2 matchup.

Aaron Rodgers: Many people were furious about Rogers performance last week, but I am here to tell you that everything will be alright. Rogers is going up against one of the worst defenses in the league with the Detroit Lions who are the #18 ranked defense versus most NFL quarterbacks after Week 1.The reigning MVP of the league is definitely set up for a big week and will come through for you as he always does.

Tom Brady: Brady is following up on a very nice Week 1 performance where he recorded 379 passing yards and four touchdowns. He has a great matchup again this week; facing off against the Atlanta Falcons whose defense is ranked #28 against quarterbacks after Week 1. Brady also has one of the best wide receiver rooms within the NFL. He will definitely make sure to get the ball in the end zone like he always does.

Lamar Jackson: Lamar Jackson is coming off of a decent performance against the Las Vegas Raiders where he showcased his flashy speed when he rushed for 86 yards on 12 attempts. He is going into a potential high scoring shootout, this Sunday, against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. This will allow Lamar to produce tons of numbers and get you those fantasy points that you need. The Ravens and Chiefs always have high scoring duels, and this week should be like every other week for Lamar Jackson.

Quarterback Busts

Derrick Carr: Derrick Carr is coming off of a pretty impressive week for himself against the Baltimore Ravens, but he faces off against a top defense in the league this week with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers just shutdown one of the top QBs in the NFL, Josh Allen, and they plan to continue down that path as they are looking to give Carr a very hard time this week.

Josh Allen: Josh Allen is coming off of a pretty disappointing week against the Pittsburgh Steelers which was kind of expected due to the strength that the Pittsburgh defense has shown. He now heads to Miami in a divisional matchup versus the Dolphins; which I am anticipating to be a low scoring shootout. The Dolphins have a very sneaky and young defense who is not afraid of any big named receivers, especially Stefon Diggs. Especially with all-pro cornerback Xavien Howard commanding the defense, it is going to be a tough day for Josh Allen and his Bills.

Tua Tagovailoa: Hosting Buffalo at home, Tua Tagovailoa is in for what I said previously is going to be a low scoring shootout on Sunday. Tua is not in the top tier level of quarterbacks and with him having to go against a secondary, including Tre’Davious White and Jordan Poyer, it is going to be pretty hard for Tua to produce big numbers.

Quarterback Sleeper

Ryan Tannehill: Tannehill is coming off of a very miserable week getting sacked six times against the Arizona Cardinals, and is definitely ready for a revenge game. He has the perfect matchup facing off against Seattle, who has a very weak secondary and is ready for a high scoring shootout between two stacked offenses. Tannehill should now get the opportunity to feed the ball to both Julio Jones and A.J. Brown; both are top receivers in this league and put up big numbers. Nobody has him doing very good this week, so this is my Week 2 sleeper for the QBs.

Running Back Booms

Najee Harris: Najee Harris had a whopping 45 rushing yards during his rookie debut against the Buffalo Bills, but this is nothing to be worried about. He received 100% of the workload in the backfield and this gives him very high potential to go off against the weak run defense of the Oakland Raiders. Expect Najee to receive 20+ carries this week and to explode in points.

Austin Ekeler: Like most highly anticipated running backs, Austin Ekeler also had a slightly disappointing outcome for points this week versus Washington. Now, Washington has a great defensive front, so it wasn’t a crazy surprise that he did not boom with points last week. However, he has a very great matchup with the Dallas Cowboys at home. Ekeler is a great dual threat. You should be able to count on him to get lots of volume in the run and pass game this week to produce those fantasy points for your team.

Aaron Jones: Aaron Jones was very disappointing in his Week 1 start, but this was due to his team, the Green Bay Packers, getting blown out. This week he plays the very weak Detroit Lions and I am anticipating, just about everyone, from the Packers explosive offense to absolutely go off. Especially Aaron Jones who can offer you so many points in the run and pass game. Look out for him to be a top performer this week.

Nick Chubb: Needless to say, Nick Chubb has emerged as one of the top runners in football and he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down after rushing for 83 yards and 2 touchdowns. This week he faces a very bad Houston Texans team and is anticipated to absolutely dominate this defense and score many fantasy points.

Running Back Busts

Jonathon Taylor: Jonathon Taylor finds himself in more of a running back duo; including himself and Nyheim Hines, so he is already losing value every game because of this split. Taylor is also going against probably the best defensive front including reigning Defensive player of the year Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams who dominate weaker offenses like the Indianapolis Colts. Taylor had a decent game Week 1, but it is going to be pretty hard to produce those same numbers in his Week 2 matchup.

Mike Davis: Mike Davis is honestly not a great running back option in the first place taking into account for his terrible offensive line. Now, he is faced with another great defensive front against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mike Davis didn’t do much last week, only rushing for 49 yards and only putting up 10 fantasy points. I can’t see any way of Mike Davis producing massive numbers this week with all the odds against him. 

Josh Jacobs: Josh Jacobs is somebody who is very hit or miss because his points come off of pure touchdown production and not actually from yards or catches. He is facing off against a very good Steelers defense and this is definitely lining up for one of his old classic miss weeks. I don’t see him punching in a touchdown at all and it is hard to say that he will produce.

Saquon Barkley: As Saquon Barkley, who is one of the most skilled running backs in the NFL, is clearly still working through injuries, he is being slowly eased back into the offense and this is causing his production to take a hit. He also is going up against a very great defensive front in the Washington Football Team. With him only receiving 10 carries last week, I can’t see him getting many more.

Running Back Sleeper

Ezekiel Elliott: Ezekiel Elliott is a very difficult player to judge because he is coming off of a very bad situational season and he did not show much in his debut back. This is all reasonable due to the fact that he did not get the workload we are all typically used to. The Dallas Cowboys had to keep up their passing game with the high powered Buccaneers and this caused Ezekiel Elliott to receive a minimum amount of carries. Not to mention, Zeke looked a lot more explosive and determined in his last game. He is now ready to receive the volume and is expected to receive against a great matchup in the Los Angeles Chargers. Zeke is falling off on many people’s lists, but I have high expectations for him to fulfill my sleeper spot this week.

Wide Receiver Booms

Davantae Adams: Davantae Adams has proven that he is definitely in the discussion for one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. Even though he had a decreased performance last week, he is ready to absolutely dominate in Week 2. The Lions secondary is very weak and like I said before, I want just about everyone from that Packers offense to be a start in Week 2.

Keenan Allen: Keenan Allen is definitely one of the more underrated receivers in the league, putting up top 5 numbers almost every year. He is coming off of a pretty big week bringing in 9 receptions for 100 yards. Keenan also has a favorable matchup gearing up for a pretty weak and exposed Cowboys secondary. I think Keenan Allen will be able to stay on track and do some damage this week.

D.K. Metcalf: Metcalf is a generational talent, and having such a talented quarterback in Russell Wilson is deemed to be a great help as well. Coming off of a pretty decent week with 16 fantasy points, Metcalf is ready to continue that slate for a very high scoring matchup against the weak defense of the Tennessee Titans. He has so much going for him and he is definitely set up for some big catches and touchdowns this week.

Allen Robinson: Allen Robinson is another kind of underrated receiver who is just so good week in and week out. Even though he is coming off of a slower Week 1 than he is accustomed to, he has some very big upsides against a very weak Cincinnati Bengals defense this week. Robinson was definitely slowed down last week due to being shadowed all game by the best cornerback in the league, Jalen Ramsey. However, he won’t have to deal with that this week as he is ready to absolutely go off against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Wide Receiver Busts

DeVonta Smith: Now, I know everyone wants to get on the “Heisman Trophy Winners” hype train after having a good performance in Week 1, but he is faced with a very hard task in Week 2. Facing off against the San Francisco 49ers, whose defense is ranked in the top 10 against wide receivers and wreaks havoc all over the field. Smith will really be put to the test this week and I don’t think he will prevail.

Mike Evans: Mike Evans is honestly such a great receiver, it’s just that his wide receiver crew around him is so stacked, so it is hard for him to get any catches. They face off against the Atlanta Falcons which is a good matchup for him, but I see receivers like Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown get more involved as they did last week against the Dallas Cowboys. Evans only posted 3 catches for 24 yards which is extremely low for him, but this was due to his very low target share.

Cooper Kupp: Cooper Kupp is another receiver I think is great, but he is faced with a difficult matchup this week and it will put new quarterback, Mathew Stafford, to the test to see if he can get the ball to Kupp. They face off against Indianapolis, who is a pretty good pass rushing defense, and they will certainly get to Matthew Stafford this game. I feel this will decrease Kupps long ball production and feed more action to the more safe teammate, Robert Woods.

Deebo Samuel: Deebo Samuel had one of the most impressive games we have seen in a while. Just last week, posting 9 catches for an astounding 189 yards and 1 touchdown. Now, that stat line is something that no human can keep consistent and with a tough matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles, he most likely will not produce that kind of number that we expect him to.

Wide Receiver Sleeper

Julio Jones: Julio Jones had a very disappointing debut against the Tennessee Titans and this has honestly resulted in a lot of people turning their backs on him. There is no need to worry. He has just joined a new system and it was clear that there still needs to be chemistry developed between him and his Quarterback, Ryan Tannehill. He has a great matchup against the Seattle Seahawks and he is definitely in for a lot of passes coming his way that nobody is really anticipating.

Tight End Booms

T.J. Hockenson: The thing about Hockenson is that the Lions have absolutely no weapons, so he is guaranteed the biggest workload. Given this, he is somebody who has to catch the ball. Hockenson posted a nice 8 catches for 97 yards and a touchdown. Going into a game against, not particularly a great defense, in the Green Bay Packers, be ready to see more of that insane volume and action from Hockenson.

Noah Fant: Noah Fant is another big target that his team loves to throw to. Posting 8 targets which is a good amount for a tight end in today’s league. He has an amazing matchup against a very vulnerable Jaguars secondary that Noah Fant can absolutely shred. He has the potential to have one of the best tight end games this week and I can completely see it happening.

Logan Thomas: This is the week I think everybody is going to realize how much of an athletic freak Logan Thomas actually is. When he gets to showcase his abilities against a weaker Giants defense, who is #28, against Tight Ends after Week 1, be on the lookout. Thomas is a great Tight End and he is able to go up and get almost any ball thrown his way. With that ability combined with his matchup, I see him being an absolute boom for Week 2.

Travis Kelce: Now, you can’t say enough about Travis Kelce because there is no Tight End as good as him in the league and it’s not super close. In a game that you know the Chiefs will be battling with touchdowns against the Baltimore Ravens, he is absolutely guaranteed lots of volume and catches. There is no way Kelce does not go off this week and I am fully prepared to see him boom.

Tight End Busts

Mike Gesicki: Mike Gesicki, after having a promising year last year, started his Week 1 debut with 0 catches and he let a lot of people down. I feel it comes from both his own ability and the ability of his quarterback, which in fact, are both on the weaker side. He has a tough matchup first against the Bills secondary and I don’t see him having many opportunities to produce this week.

Kyle Pitts: This rookie Tight End also didn’t deliver in his debut for the Atlanta Falcons and this was due to him being put in as a receiver more so than at Tight End.Seemingly this would take a lot of adjusting. He has a tough matchup again this week against a very strong Buccaneers defense and his quarterback is going to have a real hard time delivering the ball to him. If there is any week Pitts will break out, it will not be this one.

Robert Tonyan: Robert Tonyan had a very surprising season last year due to his high amount of touchdown catches which is something that is certainly unsustainable. It’s very hard to keep that consistent and we saw Week 1; where he only posted 2.8 fantasy points. He has an easier matchup this weekend versus the Detroit Lions, but I see players like Aaron Jones, Davantae Adams and even Marquez Valdes-Scantling taking over this week.

Rob Gronkowski: Gronkowski is another touchdown dependent player. Seeing his great performance last week, due to 2 touchdowns, I don’t see him sustaining this type of production into Week 2. Like I said previously, I see players like Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown seeing high production this week and not necessarily Rob Gronkowski.

Tight End Sleeper

Mark Andrews: Andrews had a very uneventful Week 1 performance and I feel this is leading him to almost be forgotten. This is absolutely absurd because Andrews is definitely a top 4 Tight End in today’s league and is destined to put up points in what I see as a high scoring game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Andrews, like I said, is being forgotten, but I am not forgetting about him and I am making sure he is my Week 2 sleeper.