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Remote Student Events Help Keep Students Connected to Campus

Alexandra Gioia

Staff Writer ‘23

The 2020-2021 academic school has definitely been different than most. This year, many students opted to be remote students. As a remote student myself, I definitely feel like I am missing out a little on the campus culture and activities the college is offering. However, Merrimack has adapted and still provides many opportunities for remote students to make them feel included. 

For example, on March 18, remote students received the first Remote Student Success Letter through email that contained events for remote students along with the usual remote student tips. This newsletter is sent out bi-weekly. 

Each week, Merrimack also sends out The Weekender and From the Dean’s Desk. One tip I have is to look at these emails each week and see if there are any events that interest you. These will be helpful during the weeks that the Remote Student Success Letter doesn’t come out.

Many departments and clubs are able to ship prizes from events to you – so don’t feel like you can’t attend events! You are also able to see if supplies for an event can be shipped to you. Sometimes it can be unclear if an event is accessible to remote students, but you can double check by emailing the department or organization hosting the event. 

A couple events that I have attended are trivia and bingo. These are fun ways to feel a part of the Merrimack community. Although we are all feeling the Zoom fatigue and utter burnout, it can be fun to socialize and not be in a Zoom specifically for class. You may be able to see a familiar face you haven’t seen in a while or maybe even meet someone new! 

While there isn’t always an opportunity to talk a lot during a Zoom event, you can use the chat feature or make plans to Zoom or Facetime with friends at another time.  We can try and make the best of our current situation and stay hopeful that next school year will look a little more normal, which the college is planning on.