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Remembering Kobe Bryant

Brenna Roberts 2021

Associate Sports Editor

When you hear the name Kobe Bryant, a million different things come to mind. The numbers 24 and 8; the player who trash-talked Michael Jordan in his last all-star game; the player who scored 84 points in one single game against the Raptors; who also scored 60 points in his final game ever; who won an Oscar for his short film, “Dear Basketball,” and who created Mamba Sports Academy for budding young athletes. On January 26, 2020, Kobe, his daughter Gigi, and seven others were sadly killed in a deadly helicopter crash. Although there were other people that were killed in this tragic accident, this article is to reflect on Kobe’s life and achievements.

Kobe has played the game of basketball since before many of us were even born. He was an  inspiration to thousands of people growing up and he embodied the phrase he coined, ‘Mamba Mentality.’ This phrase stands for the simplest form of trying to get better at whatever you are doing. Kobe called himself the ‘Black Mamba,’ and around the world that was what he was known as. 

He was an insane basketball player with immense talent and an incredible basketball IQ; knowing where the ball was at all times and being able to make a pass without looking. On top of basketball, he married his high school sweetheart and had four beautiful daughters. He was seen on many occasions, especially on Instagram, calling himself a proud #girldad. After he passed many fans, public figures and famous athletes used the #girldad  hashtag to commemorate him. 

Bryant’s death did not seem real to many of us when we first heard the news. The world seemed to stop and everything stood still. People did not know what to believe and what to think, but still had that stinging sensation in your chest when you hear horrible news. Then more information began to surface that his young 13- year-old daughter was also with him as well as 7 others on their way to a Mamba Academy basketball tournament. 

Vanessa Bryant not only lost a husband and his daughters not only lost a dad, we lost a role model and someone who was using their fame for good and to help others. Although our hearts still hurt and it will take time for everyone to heal, Kobe Bryant will always be remembered as an incredible athlete, father, coach, and leader. He will always be the Black Mamba.