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Recent Acts of Violence Don’t Reflect Merrimack’s Values

By Rose Saraceni ’17

Staff Writer


Within the last few weeks, the Merrimack community has seen an unfortunate amount of violent acts take place, committed by both students and guests. Many students and faculty view Merrimack as a safe place where they can feel comfortable and secure, but are these recent acts of violence changing that? Do more precautions need to be taken? Either way, the acts that have been committed on and nearby our campus does not reflect Merrimack’s close-knit community and the values that the college stands for.

When someone commits a violent act, it makes us wonder why they would participate in such poor actions that could come to represent our college; a college that most students have come to know and love as a home away from home and a place where they can trust others. The truth is, we will never know why others feel the need to act out, but the best thing we can do is be there for one another. As for the college, providing more one-on-one counseling services may be beneficial, especially so that students feel like they have a safe and confidential place to express their feelings and struggles.

Merrimack expects members of the community to commit “To friendship, diversity and mutual respect.” Just because we’ve seen the bad does not mean we have to be influenced by it. Stand up for each other and treat Merrimack as your safe haven that you’ve known it as throughout your college career.