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Opinion: Ranking Merrimack’s Residential Halls

10. Townhouses

  • The perfect word to describe The Townhouses is old. The small brick buildings really have nothing special about them. The walls are very thin so you can hear everything coming from the rooms next door/upstairs. Another negative is that the RA’s walk directly into The Townhouses when they’re on duty. No one wants to live in The Townhouses, they’re small, old, and not homey at all. 

9. Deegan East

  • Deegan East is just a typical freshman college dorm. It has nothing super special about it. The residents have a good view of St. Clare court and the MAC, although compared to other res halls on campus, Deegan East comes in last. 

8. Deegan West

  • Deegan West is almost identical to its neighbor Deegan East. Although The 47 Lounge is what puts West above East on my list.  The 47 Lounge has a cool hangout spot and a kitchen for the students to use. That right there is why West tops East.

7. Monican

  • Monican is a freshman/sophomore dorm with regular doubles/triples. Although, what makes it extra special are the suites. If you’re lucky enough to be placed in a suite you get a common room, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms to share among 4 people. Another great amenity is the lobby. It’s a fun hangout space with a fire pit, study rooms, ping pong, and pool. All of that is what puts Monican at #7 on my list.

6. Ash

  • Ash is identical to Monican, it has the doubles/triples along with the suites. Everything cool about Monican, Ash has it too. The only reason Ash gets the win over Monican is the location. Monican is located in the back of campus, while Ash is next to two other Freshman dorms, closer to the Sak, and in closer walking distance to the academic buildings.  

5. Royal

  • Royal is great because you’re off campus and have your own apartment with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom etc. Living at Royal can be a pain to walk to but it’s great to have all the amenities. The reason why Royal is not higher on my list is, you ar are living among North Andover residents. Royal Crest is far from being all college students. There are many families who live there that don’t like hearing loud college kids. That is why the quiet hours start at 8pm and North Andover police patrol the area. The day that Merrimack completely buys out Royal Crest,will be the day Royal moves to number 1 on the list, although until then they come in at number 5.

4. North Res

  • North Res is the perfect place to live if you like quiet, it’s set back from the rest of the res halls and is surrounded by academic/administration buildings. The rooms are one of the nicest on campus and there’s tons of room for each person. The reason why they are not number one is because there are only two North Res buildings and they’re just not close to anyone else.

3. O’Brien

  • O’Brien is the perfect place to be if you like the dorm setting but hate small freshman rooms. O’Brien rooms are huge. The common rooms are the biggest of their kind on campus, which makes it the best place for indoor gatherings. Along with the big common space, there are 4 bedrooms and very rarely do you see a triple in O’Brien. The lobby has a pool table and a full kitchen for all residents to use. The only reason why O’Brien is not number 1, is because it is still a dorm.

2. South Res 

  • South Res is identical to North Res, although South is in the dead center of campus, which makes it the perfect spot to be in. There are 5 South Res buildings and the rooms are either a one floor 4 person suite or a two floor 6 person suite. The common spaces are very big which makes it another great spot for gatherings. The reason why South is above O’Brien is that South just looks so much nicer. The building itself is new and the residents have their very own quad. 

1. Senior Apartments

  • Coming in first place are the Senior Apartments. The Apartments are in the way back of campus and are not as nice as South Res, although you’re in apartments with your whole graduating class around you. So who cares if you have to walk an extra 5 minutes or not live in the nicest buildings on campus. The Apartments t are where it’s at. Every underclassmen dreams of living there. It’s like being in a dorm again, but having so much more space and privacy. The Apartments come with 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. But the best thing about it is the quad. The senior quad is the most fun place to be. Everyone is over 21 so there are no worries about getting in trouble. Everyone loves the senior apartments. You’re on campus, you can be as loud as you want, your whole class is around you, and you live in a really cool apartment. That is why the Senior Apartments are number 1 on the list.