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Quick Connection in Sparky’s

Matthew Kent ‘15Staff Writer 

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.54.00 PMLast week, Sodexo took a big step in an effort to improve the food at Sparky’s by getting to know what the students want in real time. A phone number connecting students directly to the manager on duty is now located on the side of the napkin holders on the tables in Sparky’s. Whether its a shortage of napkins, request for more ketchup, or ideas for something different is the concern, students now have a direct method of communication to management.

Sodexo is reaching out to students in an effort to find out more of what they would like to see in the campus dining hall. With the phone number,  it is now much easier for students to be heard regarding what types of foods, condiments, or changes they would like to see more of. When you come across an idea for improving the food or service in Sparky’s, simply shoot out a text to 978-387-3514 and management has promised to do their best to make it happen.

After speaking with several students who have utilized the service, it seems to be going well so far and Sparky’s is doing its best to accommodate student’s requests. As long as good ideas keep coming through, the number will stay available, Sodexo promised.

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