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Question On The Quad February 2016

“What’s one thing you would like Sparky’s to add to their menu?”

“Eggs that aren’t wet, pizza that doesn’t look like it’s been sitting out for multiple hours, fresh lettuce and fruit, non-soupy yogurt, less melons or preferably ripe melons, a nacho bar, and MORE DESSERT OPTIONS; HOT FUDGE, PLEASE.”

-Kerrin Ahl ’18

It would be nice if there could be a strict vegetarian section for every meal and an upgrade on the food quality in general.”

-Angela Pezzello ’17

“A pastry station where they serve fresh muffins, donuts, and they would make you waffles and pancakes for you right there on the spot. Breakfast needs to be more diverse…Also, bring back all the other cereals!”

-Patrick Horne ’18

“Bring back stir-fry!”

-Jessica Arseneault ’16

“More international foods specifically like Mexican, Chinese, and Italian food. Need more variety… I’d really enjoy some hearty pasta dishes rather than only having them once a week.”

-Kristen Gamble ’18

“It would definitely be nice to have fresh fruit. Not frozen fruit.”

-Lauren Blazon

“Desserts are definitely lacking. I would really appreciate more options other than the same cookies, brownies, and ice cream every night! That sundae bar they did one time was awesome!”

–Madi Eagan ’18