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Question on the Quad

“Who is your favorite Merrimack Professor?”

 “Professor Thiruvengadathan. She has super flexible office hours, cares about her students, and makes it really easy to get help.”

-Emma Cagney ’20

 “Professor Dolan. She teaches with so much enthusiasm and provides a lot of useful tools for us to take into the work world.”

-Tess Destino ’19

 “Professor Harrington. I’m not great at statistics but she’s really helpful with explaining concepts so that I can understand them.”

-Mitch Green ’18

 “Professor Kurkul. She’s extremely engaging in and out of the classroom. She somehow makes the topic of statistics fun and easy!”

-Mikayla Panneton ’18

 “Professor Tollison. He always keeps lectures interesting by incorporating real world examples.”

-Lauren Emmons ’18

 “Professor Bilev. He’s a favorite because he’s an intelligent, articulate guy.”

-Nathan Wawrowski ’18

 “Professor Gallagher. I’m interested in his research and he’s very organized. He’s also my advisor.”

-Cam DiSarcina ’17

 “Professor Cohen. She teaches meaningful material in a modern way and develops relationships with her students which makes them feel comfortable in her classroom.”

-Kathleen Renzi ’17