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Question On The Quad


“What do you like to spend your time doing outside of class when it’s nice out?”

“Play Kan Jam, Corn Hole, or Pick up Rugby.”

– Amelia DeStefano, ‘17

“I like to play any lawn game!”

– Caisie Wynot, ‘16

“Surfing or hiking, I can’t waste a beautiful day!”

– CJ Reush, ‘17

“Passing around a frisbee while listening to music!”

-Connor Williams, ‘16

“I like laying outside on a blanket chatting & visiting with friends in the O’Brien quad!”

– Morgan Francese, ‘17

“I like to sit in the grass and listen to music just hanging out and relaxing!”

-Coral Robinson, ‘17

“My friends and I love to go outside and play things like wiffle ball and soccer!”

-John Schuster, ’18