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Professional Warriors

Tyler Cuming


Eddie Newton

Tom Conley ’15

Associate Sports Editor 

The list of former Warriors transitioning into professional athletics just added two more names. Tyler Cuming of Red Bank, New Jersey, and former Merrimack captain, Charles (Eddie) Newton of North Billerica, is the newest members of Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs. Both Cuming and Newton were big contributors to the baseball program for the Warriors in the last three years. Newton was known for his remarkable play in the infield, playing positions such as shortstop second base third base and first base over his four years at Merrimack. Cuming was apart of the pitching staff and established himself as the full-time closer after changing his delivery to that of the side arm technique.

The Pecos League of Professional Baseball is an independent professional baseball league, which runs in the cities of New Mexico, Southeastern Arizona, West Texas and Southern Colorado. Pecos Teams play in cities that do not have Major or Minor League Baseball teams and is not affiliated with them either. The Pecos League was formed in August 2010 and is stationed in Houston, Texas. The players come from all over the US not to mention the world, in hopes of continuing on the path of their dreams.

Cuming, who has been working with USA baseball as a scout was covering the College national team as well as the 18-year-old national team. Cuming said after scouting these players and after seeing a few side arm pitchers like himself, he realized he could hold his own against most of these players. The former Warrior closer was sold on going to a try out after hearing of a previous teammate going out for try-outs of his own. For Newton the decision was simpler, he did not want his career to end after Merrimack.

When asked about how he feels about this opportunity and how Merrimack has helped him towards this goal Newton said, “It is one of the best feelings to be able to continue playing baseball. I could not have done any of this without the support of my friends and family. Merrimack did a great job preparing me for taking this step. Whether it was the coaches or my teammates’ pushing me over the years being apart of that team really helped me become a better player. I look forward to the opportunity and what lies ahead.”

“I’m so proud to be a Merrimack baseball alum playing pro ball. MC baseball doesn’t get enough credit as a program around the country or even at our own athletic department. In the past five years four guys have now signed pro contracts. I’m not sure what other teams around the conference can say that.” Cuming proudly said when referring to his alma mater.

He humbly continued stating, “ From the tryout I went to they signed myself and another pitcher from Appalachian State, which is a D1 powerhouse. To be one of the two to be signed it felt awesome coming from a small school. With my name on the roster with “Merrimack College” next to it is great, considering most other players are either coming from MLB clubs or the Dominican Republic so it gives our program some recognition.”

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