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Police: Student Fought Off Four Robbers

Patrick J. Lawlor, ’13, Editor in Chief

On Sunday, Apr. 7, at 12:03 a.m., Police Services was notified of an attempted robbery of a Merrimack student at knifepoint. The student, according to a campus-wide statement released by Police Services, was able to defend himself and described the assailants as three white males and one black male.

The primary assailant, who was brandishing a knife, was described to police as six feet, one, wearing jeans and a grey hooded sweatshirt. The knife he was carrying was described as six inches in length.

A black male at the same height was also described, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. Two other white males were involved and reportedly sustained facial injuries in result of the altercation.

On Tuesday Apr. 9, at Lone Star Community College’s CyFair campus in Cypress Texas a student allegedly stabbed up to 14 people on he campus.

The suspect, who was subdued by campus police, was described as someone who normally carries around a stuffed monkey, according to one witness who spoke to CNN Tuesday afternoon.

The incident comes just two months after a shooting incident at another Lone Star Community College site.

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