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Police Log September 2015

9/17/15 6:43AM

Facilities reports someone hit a portion of fencing and a granite post by the old Hamel Health building. Investigation is ongoing.


9/18/15 10:30PM

RA reports a golf cart was stolen from between houses 1 and 2. Unit reports recovering the cart and speaking to a student involved.


9/18/15 11:41PM

Assisted RD with a student refusing to dump his beer.


9/19/15 1:16AM

Complaint about an individual who is trying to start fights with people between O’Brien Hall and SRV House 3.


9/20/15 2:20AM

Officer is attempting to catch a male party that took off running from them.


9/21/15 8:58PM

Neighbor to the campus reports while walking her dog she passed students smoking marijuana- unit responded, call unfounded upon arrival.