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Police Log Oct. 24 – Nov. 24

Oct. 24

Area coordinator requests an officer to room to confiscate a bong.

Oct. 27

RA requests dispersal of large crowd at the back of the Apartments. Officers were dispatched to area. Officer reports large crowd outside M tower, monitors crowd. Cleaning Supervisor calls to report suspicious male near Volpe. Officers dispatched to the area.

Oct. 28

Deegan RAs request an officer for an alcohol assessment of a male student, and North Andover Fire Department requested to evaluate. Student signs a refusal and will stay with a friend.

Student says her friends found a female unresponsive in a vehicle parked in Lot 8B near the bridge. Officer requests Andover Fire Department for female non-student who is breathing but in and out of consciousness. Fire Department does not transport; female’s father drives to campus to pick her up.

Officer disperses a crowd of about 600 in front of St. Ann’s. O’Brien RA requests an officer for an alcohol assessment of male in front of building. Officers escort student off campus to his residence in Royal Crest. Officers respond to E Tower for a noise complaint. Party is shut down.

Monican RA calls for a suspicious odor in first floor south wing. Officer reports odor is possibly from fireplace.

Nov. 2

Officer responds to Ash to speak with resident student and confiscates marijuana, paraphernalia and alcohol.

RA reports someone has written the names of two students with negative comments on the wall in the first floor south wing of Ash. Officers investigate and notify cleaners.

Officers observe two individuals in vehicle in Lot 8C loading alcohol into bags. Officers confiscate alcohol from students.

RA calls in a suspicious odor at Deegan West. Officer uses key to enter the room. No one is present, however it is clear someone was smoking marijuana in the room.

Nov. 3

RA reports confrontation in third floor of O’Brien. Officer finds report is unfounded but returns to station with non-student female who has a revoked license and has been issued trespass notice for campus.

Nov. 4

Resident student reports non-student female who was issued trespass notice the night before is in the cafeteria. Officers respond and arrest Monica Reum, and take her to North Andover Police Department.

Student reports his roommate passed out on the floor. Officers find student is unconscious and call Andover Fire Department, which transports student to Lawrence General Hospital.

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