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Police Log November 2015

11/15 1:26 AM

Investigating mal-damage at Club 27. 1:29 AM: It appears a rock was thrown through a door window.

11/12 5:34 AM

Entrapment call on the MCPD emergency line for the Deegan East elevator. Unit on scene. Elevator is clear.

11/11 11:12 PM

Students attempt to heat food in a container containing metal, caused a small fire in their microwave which has gone out.

11/10 11:55 PM

MCPD assisted Residence Life with the confiscation of alcohol from a minor and a candle which is a violation of college policy.

11/7 12:15 PM

Concerned parent contacted MCPD asking what could be done about an ant infestation in their daughter’s living area.

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