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Police Log January 22-February 3

Jan 22

1. Commuter student called to report she has been driving around for over an hour and cannot find a parking spot. Cameras were looked at and she was informed there are available spaces in the Church Lot.. Student was upset and wanted to know why the construction workers were able to take up a whole lot (Deegan West lot) and the students that pay need to hike to get to class.


Jan 23

2. Massachusetts State Police dispatcher called into Police Services to report they had a person on Merrimack Campus reporting a person unconscious in the road by Volpe. Officer reports a female student has been located that is in and out of consciousness with a pulse. North Andover Fire Department has been updated. North Andover Fired cleared the scene after medical refusal.

Jan 24

3. Area Coordinator called to report a suspicious odor on the first floor west wing of Monican Centre. Officer was dispatched to investigate. Marijuana paraphernalia confiscated.


Jan 25

4. Police Services received a report of a fight in C Tower. Officers were dispatched. Area Coordinator was notified. Officers spoke with residents of C second floor. No issues. Units clear.


5. Resident Advisor called for alcohol assessment on a 19 year old female resident student. Andover Fire Department has been notified. Andover Fire Department will transport student to Lawrence General Hospital.


Jan 26

6. Student called requesting an alcohol assessment for another student. Officers were dispatched to assist. Officer requests Andover Fire Department for an intoxicated 18 year old female who is semi-conscious. Officer reports that the student will be transported to Lawrence General Hospital.


7. Fire alarm rang into Police Services from St. Ann Apartment. Andover Fire Department is notified. Student called Police Services to report alarm is going off in her room. Officers are on scene and report a malicious pull. Andover Fire Department are on scene and panel will be reset.


8. Police Services received a call about a 20 year old male who has dislocated his shoulder in the Multi-purpose room in the Sakowich. Andover Fire responding.


Jan 27

9. Police services received a 5911 call from the Sakowich Campus Center in regards to a female student falling down and hitting her head in the Warriors Den. Officers report student has been transported to Lawrence General Hospital.


Jan 28

10. A nurse from Hamel Health called requesting an ambulance for student reportedly having chest pains since yesterday and shortness of breath. Andover Fire Department was contacted and are on route. Student was transported to Lawrence General Hospital.


11. Student has come to Police Services to report that his 2 front hub caps have been stolen off of his vehicle.


Jan 31

12. Town House Resident Advisor called to report a suspicious odor emanating from Salem Town House 1st floor. Unit reports confiscated drug paraphernalia and marijuana from student.


Feb 1

13. Merrimack College Police Services received a noise complaint in Deegan East. Responding unit reports confiscating alcohol and a fake ID.


Feb 3

14. Resident Advisor from Deegan East called for an Officer for a group of male students vandalizing the third floor. Unit reports no students located but there was a hole punched in the wall.

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