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Police Log: December 2015

11/21 12:00 AM:

Sodexo worker reports a male stole food from the Warrior’s Den.

11/22 11:50 AM:

Dispatch received a call stating that someone appeared to be drinking on a rooftop.

11/24 11:05 AM:

Prof. called to report a suspicious man texting in the men’s bathroom in O’Reilly 3rd floor hall.

12/2 2:32 PM:

RD called to report a possum running around between Ash and Deegans.

12/4 6:50 PM:

MCPD received a call from North Andover about someone being locked in the basement of the “Performance Center.”

12/4 11:54 PM:

Caller reports a sketchy looking older male wearing a red jacket and green hat over by Hamel Health.

12/2 4:19 PM:
Walk in reports drug sale.