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Police Log

Police Log
-10/20/2013 1:42am Person/Vehicle/Activity Suspicious
Non student arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct.

-10/20/2013 3:01am Lot 1-Church Lot Disturbance-General
Altercation between a student and their registered guest resulted in the guest calling for a ride and leaving campus

-10/19/2013 1:28am Person/Vehicle/Activity Suspicious
Female observed removing a window screen from a residence. Female stated it was her room, she was locked out. Unregistered guest found in room. Report taken.

-10/19/2013 (PD,FD,ect.) Police Service 100
Arlington PD advised MCPD of a domestic involving a Merrimack Commuter student and that they do not need to intervene at the time 8:35 pm. Unit has arrested commuter at Rodger Center

-10/18/2013 7:52pm Arrest No Warrant
Non student trespasser was arrested and transported to NAPD

-10/18/2013 10:33pm Stolen Property
Computer possibly stolen from the library. Computer has been put out of service by IT. Under investigation

-10/16/2013 6:45pm Concern/Safety Issue
Student found shot gun shell outside of his living area which he threw into the woods then reported to MCPD. Situation under Investigation

-10/14/2013 1:18 Sex OFF Assault (non rape)

Inappropriate advance of a male towards a female were reported. The male was identified and placed in custody. Reports taken.



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