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Police Log

Nov. 15: MCPD got a call from a concerned father reporting that his son’s former roommate’s father was in the room. The former roommate had been removed from the room for an ongoing incident. The father was just there to pick up a fridge and left without incident.


Nov. 19: MCDC received a call that a student slipped and fell. The student reports that she tripped over the screw of an uncovered bollard. Student was transported to the hospital for head injuries.


Nov 18: AC called MCPD to report that three individuals were going around graphic things on student’s doors. Officer confirms that three female students have been going around knocking on doors claiming to be MCPD and drawing graffiti.


Nov. 18: Student called MCPD to report that she was walking out of the Library and heard a women scream. Officers checked the area with negative results.


Nov 18: RA’s called MCDC to pick up paraphernalia they found in the bathroom.


Nov. 12: Merrimack student residing at RC called to report a suspicious male in the parking lot outside of her apartment that is yelling and doing pushups outside of his car. She thinks that he was intoxicated. Reports that he has been doing this off and on for over 20 minutes. Officers made contact with the student and advised her to call NAPD if this continued to happen.


Nov. 11: MCPD received a call from a North Andover resident that was walking through campus, she reported seeing a male she believed was weird. The woman reported that he did not do anything that was suspicious. Officers checked the area and confirmed no one was around.


Nov. 7: Student called MCPD to report that her car had been vandalized with a controversial sticker. She will be in tomorrow to file a report.


Oct. 31: MCPD received reports of two students acting aggressive in a campus building. Officers spoke with the managers of the building and were advised that the students headed outside. Officers checked the area and were unable to make contact with the two parties.