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Police Log

3/29/15 12:56AM

Resident student reports that another resident student is outside her door taunting her and does not feel safe. Student stated she has a stay away order against the other student.


AC reports fire on the rooftop of new house 2. AFD has been notified and is responding. 146AFD is on the scene. 148AFD is extinguishing the fire. 153 attempting fire panel reset. Smoldering discovered in a room- the source of the fire. Heavy smoke and a shirt still smoldering. 2:10 The fire has been extinguished. AFD and units clear. AC was present.

3/30/15 9:23AM

Resident student came in to report someone posted on social media site yik yak that they peed on and keyed his vehicle while it was parked in lot K last night at approx. 200hrs. His friend then subsequently sent him a text message with the same info. Ptl was notified to return to the station at this time to speak with student

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