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Pizza With the President

Rebecca Needleman ‘23

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Sophie Long ‘23

Associate Editor

On Tuesday, November 2nd we attended Pizza with the President in the Rogers Center Tent. In case you missed this event we jotted down a few notes from a couple of the many questions President Hopey answered.

“Could we make a living-learning community for LGBTQ+?”

  • Hopey said that he is “looking into it” and that he met with SGA about that topic. Any comments or concerns with this you are supposed to tell the members of SGA and they will pass along the information to President Hopey.

“Could RA’s get paid?”

  • “No, right now their position is tax free. Otherwise if RA’s were to get paid the payment would be taxed. It is currently labeled more as “scholarship activity.”

“How long do we have to wear masks in classrooms?”

  • “Masks are here to protect us and faculty to avoid conflict. Hopey said it is his “obligation to protect everyone in the community.” Hopey knows we all want to experience a normal college year. Though until the government and culture feel it is safe we can not change anything so he does not know right now, but would love for us to not have to wear them.