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Outsider’s Opinions on Merrimack College

By Audrey Ramirez ‘19
Staff Writer

Ever wonder what someone who isn’t a Merrimack College student thinks about our school? Since the academic year has just started, many different people, such as students from different colleges and those still in high school, came to help new and returning students move in and experienced the Merrimack campus.

They’ve been inside most of the facilities, including Sparky’s, the Rogers Center, and the athletic complex. They have also gotten a glimpse of the dorms and the outdoor sports field. Their opinion on Merrimack varied.

Kelly Rogers, a senior from nearby North Andover High School, thinks that “[Merrimack] has a beautiful campus” but that the food selection at Sparky’s is “limited but decent.”

Emily Ramirez, a junior at Umass Dartmouth, agrees that the campus is “very pretty and nicely set up.” She also thought that the campus was “tiny” compared to the size of Umass Dartmouth.

Kaitlyn Lewis, a Notre Dame Academy student, said that she “would consider applying” to Merrimack.

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