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Our view: Students should receive reimbursement for Sparky’s fiasco

The issue: Sparky’s shutdown because of health violations

Our view: Students should receive reimbursement

On Jan. 20, the first day of spring semester classes, Sparky’s was shut down due to a cockroach infestation found by the North Andover Board of Health. On that day, students were sent to the den to eat, and eventually food was put out into the multi-purpose room (MPR) which lasted from Jan. 20 until Sparky’s reopened on Jan. 23.

With the change of dining venue, there was much confusion. Many students and Sodexo workers did not understand how food services were to be run. In an e-mail sent to all students and employees from the Communications Office, it stated that “Sparky’s will relocate to the MPR. Card swipes will also be accepted at Sparky’s Express (open until 8:30 p.m.), the Warrior’s Den (open until 11 p.m.), Zime (open until 9 p.m.) and, for lunches, Mindful Mack.” Many students reported that Sodexo workers would not accept card swipes at the Warrior’s Den and Zime, as stated in the e-mail. They were forced to pay in cash, use Mack Bucks, or use Mack Points in order to obtain their food. This resulted in many students spending a lot of cash, bucks, and points within the first few days of the school re-opening.

Due to the amount of cash, bucks, and points students claimed to have used in those three days of Sparky’s being shut down, The Beacon believes students should receive some sort of refund. The Beacon met with Jim Chiavelli, Associate Vice President of Communications, and suggested some ways the college could repay the students for the money lost with the Sparky’s closure.

One way that the Beacon has come up with for the college to refund the students is to give each student enough Mack Points to cover the amount that a typical student would have spent for the three days of the Sparky’s closure. Another option was to give back the amount of money that their meal plan would have covered for swipes into Sparky’s for those three days. A third way to pay back the students was to pay for all the tickets of junior and senior formal, and put on a carnival for the underclassmen.

Some type of refund for the students would be greatly appreciated, as many students were forced to spend more cash, bucks, and points during the time of the Sparky’s closure.

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