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OPINION: Do yourself a favor and take OBR 1050!

Olivia Faulkner ’22

Social Media and Marketing Director 

Alexandra Goia ’23 

Staff Writer 

Registration starts today for sophomore and first year students, and as a junior, I (Olivia) feel it is important to address the email students campus wide just  received: Register for OBR-1050. I’m currently taking the class, and I wish this was offered earlier in my time at Merrimack. It has equipped me with the skills I need to be successful in the job search and prepare for my career. 

This course is only one credit which means it will not be of any extra cost to you, and also it may give you the opportunity to build a relationship with your career advisor. I took this course with my career advisor, Katie Fell, and now, rather than just having her as a name on MyMack under advisors, I know her and feel comfortable going to her for questions or guidance in regards to anything career-related. 

Assignments in the class start with the basics like making LinkedIn and Handshake accounts, if you don’t already have them LinkedIn Learning is a staple of this course, and Merrimack provides you with a  free account  for youto you to complete homework assignments as well as watch videos with relevance to your career. 

While every student does have the same assignment, the results are unique to each person and their career goals. Most classes at any college or university have the same goal: learn the material and do well on the exams. This course is that rare exception: absorb the material and utilize it in ways that are beneficial to you and your career. While the professor of the course will have you try everything that is presented to you, it is up to you to keep up that momentum after taking the class. 

OBR-1050 equips students with the necessary skills to become marketable in the job industry. The general overview of these key portions of career development are provided to you in this course as well as practice for a grade, which in my opinion, is a win-win situation. 

Overall, it is easy to forget to keep taking steps to further your career development. This course is a great way to push yourself to stay on track. With the pandemic, many college students feel hopeless and that there is no point in looking for job opportunities. Although you may not have the opportunities you hoped for in a non-Covid world, there are still plenty of ways to keep career development going for a post-Covid world.