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On Campus Winter Break Life for Students

  By Tori Giannotti ’17

Staff Writer


The holiday season at Merrimack is always a joyful time, however it may be lonely for some. Winter athletes and some international students are not always able to travel home for the majority of winter break.

Residence halls close on Dec. 16 at 7p.m. The few who are allowed to stay on campus during winter break are international students and students who are currently participating in college sponsored activities, such as athletics. So far, over 100 students have applied for winter break housing according to Merrimack’s Residence Life.

Being stuck on campus for five weeks can be lonely, but students have come up with ways to combat the boredom. Students like sophomore Jordan Thorton look forward to free time, partaking in activities like catching up on playing video games.

Junior hockey player Collin Delia admitted that typically, students fall into habits over break. While students spend their time binge-watching Netflix, he likes to spend his time differently. “I like to spend my time making things and learning new trades,” said Delia.

Last year he learned how to make bow ties and pocket squares that he still wears today. This year he plans on teaming up with his professor to write a scholarly article in hopes to get it published.

Students on campus during winter break also have to figure out their own dining options. Meal plans are inactive during school breaks, so students are on their own. Student athletes that stay on campus for games and practices have meals provided to them within the team’s budgets.

Restaurant sponsors also provide meals for student athletes. These come from various takeout restaurants around Andover, such as Fuddruckers, Panera Bread, Subway, and Captain’s Pizza.

While it might be a lot of eating out, student athletes don’t seem to mind too much. “It’s nice to not have to eat Sparky’s,” said junior basketball player Kyle Howes.



Photo by Kevin Salemme