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October (Spooky) Horoscopes

Aries: Tis the spooky season to come! Aries, take the time to get together with friends or family and go pick some pumpkins! Your determined mindset will allow you to carve the most frightening and unique pumpkin yet.

Taurus: With Halloween just around the corner, you may be tempted to spend all your money on the perfect costume. Halloween only comes once a year so spend a little extra to make sure you have the best costume of all your friends!  

Gemini: One of your friends may be getting on your nerves recently, leaving you in an overall bad mood. Instead of keeping it to yourself and bottling it up, speak up about it and let this person know what has been bothering you. 

Cancer: You’re experiencing many emotions during these uncertain times, and are getting through quarantine with a furry friend. You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for, keep your head up during this spooky month! 

Leo: You’re entering this month secretly with a bit of uncertainty. You’re known as the confident friend and may not want to let your guard down, but it is okay to let people in! You’re going to kill this month, take some friends apple picking and take a breather!

Virgo: You love spooky season, so try to take a step back from your responsibilities and enjoy it! It’s time for Pumpkin picking, scary movies, and fall fun! 

Libra: Starting off October with a birthday? Party hard, but don’t forget your mask! Cheers!

Aquarius: This month may be one where you see a lot of changing in your personal life. Some may be good, but there also may be some rough patches. Hang on, because you have a lot of good coming your way. 

Scorpio: Your birthday is coming up at the end of the month. What better way to celebrate than with Halloween? Stay safe, wear your mask, and win the best costume contest. 

Sagitarius: You are getting ready for your birthday coming up in a little while looking forward to snow, christmas music, and all the eggnog. 

Capricorn: It can sometimes be hard to keep your pessimism at bay, but you have to for the sake of your own sanity. Yes, this is a particularly stressful election season, but you know better than anyone that political change happens with the people.

Pisces: Your pleasure-seeking ways may need to be checked this month. You’re imbibing a bit too much with alcohol and eating too much candy. Spooky season should be fun, but it shouldn’t negatively affect your overall health.