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October Police Log Highlights

On October 1st, MCPD assisted NAFD with a fire alarm in Royal Crest. Cause of the alarm was cooking. 

On October 2nd:

  • AC called referencing an unregistered guest. Male subject took off from Deegan East. 
  • Officer in Lot M with a makle that is causing a disturbance. The male is not associated with MC. Escorted off campus.
  • Fire alarm in South Res House 4. Caused by cooking. Starting to think Merrimack should offer cooking lessons.
  • There were 8 alcohol confiscations
  • Non-student was arrested for disorderly conduct

On October 5th:

  • Officer requested a tow of a vehicle with multiple citations
  • Dunkin Donuts manager called reporting a male student that is being rude and not leaving when asked 
  • Caller advised of a loud party. Spoke with a student who got excited over the Red Sox victory. That’s one way to get in the police log I guess.

On October 6th:

  • Officer was out at Lot K and noticed a car parked there had an Andover landing sticker. Inside the car he saw paraphernalia. It was confiscated.

On october 7th:

  • Vehicle was issued a citation for running a stop sign. False start!
  • Student came to the station because he believes someone stole his iPad and his AirPod pros. 

On October 8th:

  • There were a number of males smoking cigarettes on the South Res quad. 
  • A complaint came in from a student about the shuttle not coming in on time
  • A faculty member called for a well being check on a student.
  • Fire alarm in South Res. Ruled as mechanical.

On October 9th, there were multiple noise complaints in Royal Crest.

On October 10th, an officer responded to a blue light phone that called into dispatch. An individual was seen knocking over a trash barrel and running from the responding officer. The individual was found shortly after and served a no trespass order. They were escorted off campus.

On October 11th:

  • An officer turned away an unregistered guest heading towards the apartments
  • Student called saying she was a part of a motor vehicle accident. No injuries, paperwork exchanged.

On October 12th:

  • Officer spoke with a student about some damage to her car
  • A resident called because a blue car was parked in front of their house and the people in the car were smoking

On October 13th:

  • An employee got stung by a bee and could be allergic. NAFD was notified. They refused the ambulance.
  • Andover police called to report that a student called 911 by accident. 

On October 14th:

  • Student security at the 114 crosswalk called to report that a man in a blue shirt did not stop at the crosswalk.
  • Resident student came in to ask if someone could review the camera in Lot K from October 9th. 

On October 15th:

  • Officers dispersed a group of students drinking outside a residence hall
  • MCPD and NAFD checked the area around 114 and Royal Crest for multiple reports of a loud explosion sound. 

On October 16th:

  • Noise complaints in Royal Crest and confiscations galore. What else is new?

On October 17th:

  • Anonymous caller reported a group of girls in Lot E took a traffic cone and hit a vehicle with it. Last time I remember, that’s not what cones are used for. 
  • The fire alarm was maliciously pulled in St. Thomas. You can’t do that!
  • Three intoxicated individuals refused to leave the apartment
  • Resident student came in to get info about filing a no contact order.
  • Fire alarm in the residence hall was caused by burnt food. Y’all gotcha keep an eye on your food. 
  • Resident in South Res reported a mouse in her room. Facilities were advised. Maybe it was Mickey trying to get people to come to Disney?
  • Student had an ankle injury and refused transport.

On October 18th:

  • Multiple drug paraphernalia confiscations
  • Officer checking O’Brien elevator after emergency line rang into MCPD.

On October 19th, An officer stopped a vehicle on Aherne Ave. Warning for stop sign violation to resident student.

On October 20th, a student came in to speak with officer about past relationship issues 

On october 21st, an officer dispersed a student skating on the rink after being told to get off by a staff member and not complying. What a goon!

On October 22nd, an officer responded to reports of a student that threw a beer can at another student. This isn’t target practice!

On October 23rd: 

  • Student’s toilet wasn’t flushing well. A work order was placed.
  • There was a Merrimack statue in the pond at the royal crest. The statue was from outside of Cascia Hall. Officers responded. What I wanna know is how the heck they lifted the statue?
  • Unregistered guest was in an altercation and running away from the area. They damaged a parked vehicle. Officers arrested him for resisting arrest, vandalism, disorderly conduct, and potential assault and battery. That’s one way to get the hook. 
  • Roadblocks around the 114 exit were damaged. What did they ever do to you?
  • RA’s called to report that a male individual is refusing to identify himself and took off running with another male in the direction of Royal crest. Officers were with the two males. They were going to Royal Crest.
  • An officer spoke to a student who was seen moving cones around on Walsh Way. She placed the cones back in their original spot. Cue the clean up song!
  • A student called to report that she had been waiting for the shuttle for 20 minutes.The shuttle drove right by and didn’t stop. Officers were advised and spoke to the driver. Info passed along to the parking department.

On October 24th, all of the trash bins in the senior apartments were dumped over. 

On October 25th, a motor vehicle was warned for driving too fast.

On October 26th:

  • There was a smell of marijuana in a residential hall. Nothing found upon arrival.
  • There was yet another motor vehicle stop, this time infront of austin hall. Verbal warning for stop sign violation. 
  • Caller requests drug confiscation. Marijuana confiscated from male resident student. 

On October 27th:

  • Officers responded to an individual who passed out overheating.
  • A student was transported to LGH after having a seizure

On October 28th, a vehicle was towed from campus for accumulated citations.

And now for Halloweekend! On October 29th:

  • An officer turned away an unregistered guest at the gate.
  • Elm St Towing was called to tow yet another car. 
  • The fire alarm went off in Deegan west. NAFD was called. The cause was mechanical. Alarm and panel were reset.
  • A neighbor called to report a man screaming at a woman in a grey Toyota highlander parked on rock ridge road. Spoke with individuals, no issues. Can’t we all just hold hands and sing kumbaya?
  • MCPD received a call that an individual who was trespassed from campus was currently on campus.
  • Student called to report a vehicle hit another vehicle in Lot H and took off towards Lot K. They spoke with the driver involved. 

On October 30th:

  • The fire alarm went off in St. Ann’s. Unknown cause.
  • RA’s asked for assistance breaking up a party.
  • The door to M Tower was ripped off. Work order submitted. Did Hulk visit Merrimack and no one told me?
  • There were multiple unregistered guests
  • Caller advised of a student trying to fight several others.
  • Officers located 3 male subjects outside the basement door to the police station. 

On October 31st:

  • Caller advised of a possible fight. Nothing found upon arrival. Come on, shake hands..
  • Student called in an unwanted guest. The student was advised to leave the area.
  • Caller advises of a fight in the sak parking lot. Resident student transported for head injuries.
  • A student called requesting an ambulance to the Monican lobby. Resident was transported for injury. 
  • A student’s mother called requesting an officer to wake up her son. Contact student, no issues. That’s one way to get a wake up call!
  • RA called in several students caught playing beer pong from the area. Officers located subjects near cascia.

That’s all for the October Police Log. See you next time!