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O’Brien: Living the Suite Life

Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Staff Writer ’15

If you and all of your friends are looking to get back into “dorm style” housing, O’Brien Hall is the place to settle this upcoming fall.
With several options for how many suitemates you would like to have, O’Brien, previously known as Santagati, is a three-story resident hall with corridor access to neighboring suites.

O’Brien is quite diverse in terms of how your living situation can be accommodated. The suite style dorm can hold four, six or eight students. Each student is required to pair off with another, allowing for the eight-person suite to have four bedrooms, the six-person suite to have three bedrooms and the four-person suite to have two bedrooms.

In addition to the bedrooms, there is one common room that all suitemates share, and either one or two bathrooms along with a sink area. In an eight-person suite, there are two sink areas, a full bathroom, a half bathroom and a half shower. The six-person suite is set up the same way as the eight-person, but it has one less sink area. The four-person suites are a bit harder to get your hands on, as there are only a few in the building.
Each common room comes furnished with two or three couches, a large coffee table and smaller coffee table. There is also a built-in shelving unit and cabinet for storage.

In the main lobby of O’Brien there is a ping-pong table, pool table and a TV lounge area for students to hangout in. There is also a fully equipped kitchen on the first floor which students to have full access to. Additionally, on the first floor of O’Brien is a laundry room equipped with plenty of washers and dryers to go around.

The second floor holds a classroom/meeting room, and The Beacon newspaper office is on the third floor.

Jennefer Rosa, a junior in O’Brien, isn’t so content with living in the building. She explained that it was a hassle to try to figure out her living situation for the 2013-2014 school year, after living in an old townhouse her sophomore year.

“It was really hard to figure out how to split up 10 girls living in one townhouse,” she said. “Our numbers didn’t match up with what the school was offering so we had to find four other girls, and split up into a room of six and a room of eight.”

Junior Kelly Vaillanourt is new to O’Brien this year, and said she loves living there. “I like how I live on the same floor as my suitemates,” said Vaillancourt. “There is less separation throughout the suite, especially when compared to the old and new townhouses where there are two floors.”
Overall, O’Brien seems to be one of the hottest spots to live on campus, and is one of the quickest to fill on housing selection day.

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