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November Police Log

11/9/2019: MCPD received a complaint of a group of college-age males fighting, swearing, and heavily intoxicated outside Royal Crest. Units responded and everyone was gone upon arrival. 

11/09/2019: Burnt popcorn was the cause of a fire alarm in House 6. 

11/15/2019: Students came into MCPD to report a group of students intoxicated and carrying white chairs into the SAK lot. Officers sent in to investigate and locate broken, white chair. 

11/16/2019: Resident student reported to MCPD that their friend slipped on leaves which were over a hole in the ground near the light pole in front of Monacan. An officer responded and marked the hole until facilities could repair it.

11/16/2019: Resident students came into MCPD and requested to speak with an officer. They wanted to report two other students were using their room inappropriately. 

11/17/2019: Outdoor ashtray by SAK smoking excessively. Someone had dumped water in the ashtray prior to police arrival. 

11/17/2019: Report of a suspicious person in front of Arcidi Hall. Confirmed to be an employee.

11/17/2019: Students concerned that they could not locate a friend. Friend found sleeping. 

11/21/2019: Suspicious male in front of a resident hall. Police identified person as parent waiting to pick up their child.

11/24/2019: Malicious pull of a fire alarm ‘Pull Station’ in Resident Hall.

11/24/2019: Subject felt a little weaker than normal after working out. An officer assisted subject to his car and he is fine

11/24/2019: Loud noise from fireworks in lot M. Negative find.