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November Horoscopes

Aries: Freshmen: Check your email, it’s what adults do and you are an adult now.

Taurus: Don’t be so stubborn. Open your mind to new experiences. 

Gemini: One of your friends will start to talk about you behind your back. Hopefully it’s not the one you keep talking about…

Cancer: You have a nurturing side to you, fellow crabs. However, be careful to who you spread your love to!

Leo: You don’t need to prove you’re good at everything and be the king of the jungle, the semester is ending, take a cat nap.

Virgo: You have been working really hard to keep your cool and get everything on your plate done. It is evident you’re a hard worker and it shows! The semester is almost over, so keep it moving. One of your best friends has also been getting on your nerves about the living situation for next year but you’re known for keeping a poker face so don’t be rash. You have plenty of time to figure it out and tell your friend to chillax. 

Libra: You’re having a difficult time selecting your courses for the spring semester. Go with the one you’ll love, not the one you think is most “practical.”

Aquarius: On the walk back to Deegan you will be sprayed by the sprinklers, but don’t worry the Merrimack grass with still be green even if its November. 

Scorpio: Stop plotting revenge. Forgive, forget, and move on. 

Sagitarius: Christmas season does not start until after Thanksgiving. So chill out, turn off Michael Bublé’s Christmas album, and embrace the season of being thankful

Capricorn Your ambitious attitude is wearing thin as the semester comes to an end. Stop overthinking everything and just let things be. 

Pisces: Trying to get the quad to be a thing on the weekends is a dumb idea, its too cold, and your not cool.