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North Campus Life: Students Talk about what it’s Like to Live in New Residence Halls

By Alison Fonseca ‘17 and Angelica Medina ‘17

Staff Writers


The newest addition to Merrimack’s campus is the two residence halls on North Residential Village.  The halls have laundry, the new Honors Lounge, and a soon to be new dining option.  The buildings offer 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom suites and are available to Honors students and upperclassmen. We reached out to a few North residents to hear what they thought about living in the new dorms.  Here is what they had to say:

Nate Spielvogel – Junior

Question: How has your transition to North Campus been compared to your housing situation last year?

Answer:  “I like living in North.  It is nice and quiet…” (Sarcastic Smirk) “The rooms are nice, but the motion sensors are annoying.”

Desmonde Bellanti – Junior

Question: “What are some advantages and/or disadvantages about living in North?”

Answer: “Living in North is alright.  It is too far from campus and the construction starts too early in the morning.  The rooms are nice and big, but I wish there were no automatic lights in the common area.”

Question: “While on the topic of lighting, how do you feel about walking to and from your dorm at night?”

Answer: “To be honest, there needs to be more lighting put up around North.  Especially behind the SAK.”

Kathy Carney – Junior

Question: “Kathy, you lived in Monican last year as a sophomore, how does it feel to finally be in an upperclassman building?”

Answer: “It is definitely nice to be in a newer building with other students my age.  I have enjoyed living in North for the most part, however there could be a few minor fixes.”

Question: “What have you liked and disliked about North?”

Answer: “Well, the rooms are big and the bathrooms are nice.  The view of that wonderful dirt mound could be better, and the fire alarms definitely keep me on my feet.  But I mean it is so close to the academic buildings, getting to class is an ease.”

Tiana Kibbe – Junior

Question: “You were in a triple last year, how does it feel to finally have more space?”

Answer: “Its definitely been relaxing to be able to have everything I need comfortably set up in my room.  There’s so much room for activity.  I never feel like I am on top of my roommate.”

Question: “Do you have any recommendations going forward?”

Answer: “Well, the walk behind the SAK is a little sketchy at night.  But I think that one of the worst things is the sprinkler.   The sprinklers are on pretty much all day everyday and in the worst positioning possible.  I feel like I am walking through an obstacle course on my way to class.”

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