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No Tryout Necessary: Intramural Sports

By Gregory Mandozzi, Sophomore

Staff Writer


At Merrimack College, there are multiple ways for students to get involved and meet new people. As the college campus itself expands, so too does the population of fresh faces waiting for your companionship. What better way to get in on the action than joining an intramural sports team? No tryout required, these teams play various sports competitively, while keeping fun and comradery at the forefront of the game’s purpose.

Sports are perfect if you are like the majority of college students, falling just shy, or maybe miles shy of possessing varsity athlete level talent. This is where you can discover some of your first friends in college, or where you can reinforce the bond you share with your existing crew of companions. As Sophomore Matt Baker states, “It gives you something fun and new to do, it’s competitive but at the same time you can play for fun and it’s a way to meet new people.”

The intramural sports here at Merrimack use ImLeagues.com as your home base for all things intramural sports. Gather up your buddies and take on the competition, or file for free agency and take a shot on the market. You have the ability to request to join an existing team, or just let the site match you up randomly.

Your fellow warrior classmates are the officials as they call a relaxed but fair game. For the student that is having trouble adjusting to college life, or just looking to release some energy out on the field or court, intramurals is the perfect way to jump right in and get going here on campus.

Students often rave about the lack of time commitment the games call for, and the gateway it creates for meeting new friends on campus. I know that for me, an immense amount of the people I know on this campus I met from intramural sports, and for someone that loves to just go out and play competitive sports with great people, it is something I thoroughly enjoy. I know from personal experience that winning isn’t the only thing you can get out of these contests. I continue to sign up, and enjoy these games, while my winning percentage is less than stellar. This, however, does not discourage me as I continue to play, both to reunite with former teams, and meet new people through my passion in sports. Fellow Sophomore Lucas Kaestner echoed these feelings with the following. “I get the same amount of joy playing in every game whether my team wins or loses.”

A plethora of games are offered in each of the four seasons broken up throughout the year. If you are seeking a social outlet, or a place to burn some energy in the midst of your busy schedule, go have some light hearted fun out there. Give it a shot, it may be where you meet your future roommates, or maybe a prospective study partner. It’s one of those things where you’ll never know what it can be for you until you go and check it out for yourself. That’s the amazing thing about this school, it is entirely what you go out and make it.

Whatever sport you are partial to, it is likely offered here at the college. From football, floor hockey, softball, dodgeball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and soccer, to the more innovative games like broomball, there is a game out there for all of us. Get a squad together and take on Merrimack’s best. Good luck, and I’ll see you on the field.


My name is Greg Mandozzi and I am a sophomore here at Merrimack. I enjoy both watching and playing sports and consider myself to be a avid Boston sports fan.



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