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NFL 2022 Week 3 Takeaways: Butt Punt, Jalen Hurts, Bills Look Human

Scott Logush

Sports Editor

A lot happened in week 3 of the 2022 NFL season, as 3 of the 5 2-0 teams picked up their first loss of the year. We saw a butt punt, Jalen Hurts taking the next step, the mighty Bills looked human for the first time all year, and much more.

The Mitch Trubisky Experience Must End

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had a pitiful offense this season, and the time has come to bench Mitch Trubisky. He may not have been the whole problem on Thursday night, in fact he was actually good, but he has not been like that throughout the season and the Steelers are averaging 18 points per game, that’s simply not good enough.

The Raiders Disappoint Again

The Raiders are 0-3, and their opponents are a combined 3-6. They have been, without a doubt, the most disappointing team in the NFL. They currently hold the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, and they can part ways with Derek Carr after this season and have less than $6 million in dead cap. Let the speculation begin!

Russ Is Cooked

There are two tweets that describe the Sunday night matchup between the 49ers and the Broncos. The first is when Jimmy Garoppolo walked backwards out of his endzone and Dan Orlovsky popped open a bottle he’s been saving for this special occasion:

The other is what Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright had to say about the Denver offense with Russell Wilson:

This game was just sad to watch. It was a game between a quarterback whose coach desperately wanted to trade him after one bad throw cost the team a super bowl, and Jimmy Garoppolo. 

Butt Punt + Buffalo Bills Look Human

The Dolphins did it! They beat the Bills, made them look human, and did it all while enduring a late game butt punt for a safety! Another major development to come from this game is that the NFLPA is going to investigate the protocols that allowed Tua to return to the game after hitting his head very hard on the turf and was very disoriented afterwards, even stumbling and falling to the ground. He then returned later in the game, the NFL has some explaining to do after that. 

Jalen Hurts Continues Improvement

Jalen Hurts continues his trend of aggressively working on his weaknesses every offseason, and it is paying off big time as the Eagles are 3-0 to start the season and have the arm of Jalen Hurts to thank for it. What Jalen Hurts has done through his career is remarkable, he just keeps improving.

Brian Daboll Is An Elite Head Coach

Brian Daboll has this pathetic New York Giants roster at 2-1, and fought until the end with a Dallas Cowboys roster that is clearly better in every way imaginable except quarterback. Hats off to Daboll, the boys in blue might be back soon.