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NFL 2022 Week 1 Takeaways: Hug Your Kicker, Title Town Trouble?

Scott Logush

Sports Editor

Week 1 proved to be an exciting return to action across the NFL, and there are plenty of things to take away from this week of games. From special teams, injuries and poor performances, there is no shortage of information after an exciting week of football.

Special Teams Matter

Special teams performances, both good and bad, were critical this weekend. We saw the Colts tie the division rival Houston Texans after missing a game winning field goal with two minutes left in overtime. Then you have the Bengals against the Steelers, with the Bengals having an extra point get blocked, which would have been a game winner, and then shanking another field goal in overtime, and Chris Boswell hit the game winner. The Browns also spoiled Baker Mayfield’s revenge game by hitting a game winning field goal to seal the deal. Hug your kickers.

Justin Fields Will Prove Himself

Playing on a flooded field and showcasing a beautiful deep ball detailed how this game went. Justin Fields was clearly the better quarterback in this matchup, and the Bears won by a score of 19-10. With that being said, I’m not writing off Trey Lance after starting his third NFL game in a swamp where he also led the team in rushing. 

The Patriots Are Lost

Yes, the Dolphins always play the Patriots tough in Miami, but the fashion in which New England lost is especially concerning. Their defense played amazing, but that offense just looks lost. The entire Joe Judge or Matt Patricia situation is crippling this team because they do not have a true offensive coordinator because Josh McDaniels ended up in Las Vegas. These next couple of years are critical for the Patriots because they will impact Mac Jones the most.

Cowboys Are Cooked

The season is over for the Dallas Cowboys, if they make the playoffs it would be nothing short of a miracle for the team’s current state. A poor offensive line, limited weapons, one of the worst head coaches in the league and now a drastic downgrade at quarterback spells a wasted season. If they can pull off a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, then maybe they can salvage this year but that seems highly unlikely.

Title Town Trouble?

The lack of a true alpha wide receiver showed on Sunday for the packers. But plays were there, they just never finished as a drop by rookie Christian Watson made all the work of beating Patrick Peterson 1-on-1 not matter at all. Aaron Rodgers is already a quarterback that takes awhile to warm up and trust young receivers, that drop did not help Watson’s case at all. The Vikings had some key fourth down stops, and took advantage of a depleted tackle group for Green Bay as Hunter and Smith had a great day.