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New Wireless Power Technology

Jimmy Callens ’14, Staff Writer 

Do you ever wish that your electronic devices would charge automatically and wirelessly? I know I do. And so does Ossia Inc., the creator of “Cota”. Cota is a wireless power technology made up of a charging box and multiple wireless receivers. The charger is a 2×2 foot box that sends signals around the room. These signals are then picked up by the wireless receivers that can fit into anything from a laptop, to a phone, and even AAA batteries.

Cota’s technology is important because it can safely and efficiently power multiple devices, and only those devices, at a distance. It can even follow devices across a room and around corners. Cota is safe, [and follows FCC guidelines], because it is based off of wifi. It only emits 1 to 2 watts of power, which is normal for many devices. The charger is able to focus signals because it naturally wants to avoid losing energy. Which makes it safe for humans because we would not absorb the radiation. The charger box can detect and power devices within a 30 foot radius.

The oil and gas industries are currently seeking this type of technology to reduce the risks of disastrous sparking from current technology. Ossia Inc. estimate that Cota will be available for sale in early 2015. But in the meantime, coffee shops all around the U.S. are hoping to have Cota prototypes by 2014.

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