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New Residence Halls: Fresh Sense of Community

Justin Ruano ’15, Staff Writer 

Merrimack’s most recent addition, the new residence halls, are a target for any student during the housing lottery for this year. All students, freshman to seniors, are welcome to sign up for a possible spot for these houses.

The new buildings that were completed for the 2013-2014 school year can hold approximately 345 students in five buildings. These co-ed houses offer four and six person suites, with door access to the exterior hallways that lead to landscaped courtyard and porch.

Inside the suites are either two or three bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, and a common room area.

These residence buildings feature amenities for its inhabitants including community rooms that can be utilized for studying and programming. Within these community rooms, residents can take advantage of the couches, tables, and TVs for studying purposes, or if you just want relax. Next to the common rooms are laundry rooms with six washers and dryers available for free use.

Senior Catherine DeWyngaert reports on her stay in the new halls, “Living in a dorm that’s so fresh and clean is definitely a new experience at Merrimack after living in Ash and the townhouses. I love it. Aesthetically pleasing and fun to live in.”

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