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New Renovations on Campus

Mary Unis ’14, Staff Writer 

You entered Merrimack’s new and improved campus with open arms, as the new renovations were hard to miss. Embrace the Warrior atmosphere as you enter the revamped blue and yellow plastered Lawler Arena. The new rink is accompanied by a flashy new bookstore stocked with all of Merrimack’s most sought after Fall apparel. We also see fitness being encouraged now, more than ever, on campus as the grand opening of the Merrimack Athletic Complex took place on Thursday, September 19th. With the fresh and crisp return of fall semester comes a renovated and upgraded Merrimack College.

With the 400 athletes residing on this campus they have collectively obtained a grade-point-average of 3.09. Their reward: a new weight room equipped with sparkling new machines and weights. A.J. Roberto, a junior on the Merrimack Football team has nothing but good things to say about the improvements. “It’s a huge upgrade for the team. It’s spacious, with top of the line equipment. They added turf that makes warm-ups and football related workouts more accessible. Everyone’s really happy.” A.J. has experienced other new aspects of campus as well; He is a resident of the new dorms that were built this summer. “It feels like home in the new dorms. The Adirondack chairs out front on the porches are an added plus.”

If Sparky’s breakfast is no longer cutting it, Merrimack College now runs on Dunkin’. Save up those Mack-bucks, residents, because they are now accepted just a small walk from your dorm room. The students seem to be responding very well to the new Dunks. Tim O’Leary, a junior who stands as treasurer for the Student Government Association at Merrimack quotes “the long lines are a clear indicator of how popular Dunkin’s is. Students seem to love the convenience of having a dunks right on campus.” If you need a pick-me-up after class, there is no longer a fear of losing your parking spot in the apartment lot out back; Dunkin’s extensive menu offers students a wide variety of drinks, meals, and snacks. You are now able to shop, watch hockey, eat donuts, and workout all in the same vicinity.

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