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New Manager Brings Improvement

ChoiWing Kong ’15, Staff Writer 


Have you noticed some changes over the past few months at Sparky’s Place? Such as, more of a variety in the dining options as well as more hands on activities around the café? That’s all thanks Maegan Vinasco, who is the new retail/residential manager at Sodexo this semester. Vinasco is managing the Warrior’s Den Zest and Sparky’s Place. She has 8 years of experience working to improve school cafeterias, she is confident that she will be able to make some significant changes at Merrimack. Merrimack is the 4th college that Vinasco has worked on improving. Originally Vinasco managed three colleges around the Boston area, including the café inside the Cancer Research Building in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Food supply on campus is always a hot topic for students to discuss. Vinasco is very pleased with the feedback she has encountered thus far. She embraces both positive and negative feedback from students; she is determined to reestablish the relationship students have with their dining experience.

When asked about acting on recent feedback she noted the following, “I am working to the best of my ability, some things are not possible, but I am doing what I can. If somebody came to me with an idea, I’ll try my best to make it possible,” said Vinasco.  She has already observed the food in dining hall and considers there to already a number of different categories of food, including options for vegetarians: “the salad bar is wonderful, the cereal bar is great, I love everything here…food here is served well, and we have great employees behind it,” said Vinasco.

Moreover, she will listen to student’s feedback and hopefully provide more options for students to have. “I’m basically here for your guys’ needs. I want to let students know I’m your gateway to get into the offices. Email me, talk to me, I’m in dining hall all the time, I’m the one for students,” said Vinasco.

Since the majority of people who eat at Sparky’s are students, Vinasco really likes to listen to student’s opinions about what they want. “I’m going to remake the menu, so if students come to me before next semester we can talk about what you guys want. I’m the voice of the students. Everything takes time, but I will definitely work for it.” Also, Sparky’s will begin to offer jobs to students. “We are looking for reliable and responsible students to have a part-time job here.”

So far, Vinasco really likes her job as Merrimack’s manager at Sodexo: “I really like the school and the people here. Everyone knows each other. I’m trying hard to remember everyone’s name.”
Vinasco encourages students to come to her office to talk about the dining options at Merrimack. Feel free to talk to her, her office is on the right side in the entrance of dining hall. Email her if you have any ideas to share at: vinascom@merrimack.edu

Merrimack welcomes you Maegan!

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