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New Club Spotlight: One Love Club

Olivia Faulkner ’22

Social Media and Marketing Director

One of the newest clubs at Merrimack, One Love, hosted its first meeting on October 29, 2020. The goal of the One Love Foundation is to educate about healthy and unhealthy relationships, along with empowering people to make changes in their communities. 

President and founder Morgan Albanesi ’22 felt passionate about this cause when seeing it in her home community and wanted to bring this club here to Merrimack. 

“Myself, along with fellow juniors Taylor Hubert, Sara MacFarland, and Garrett Prucher, have worked to establish One Love Club on Merrimack’s campus as we found a gap in our student organizations, there were none that addressed the importance of maintaining healthy relationships,” Albanesi said. “The objective of our club is to educate the Merrimack Community about the signs of healthy versus unhealthy relationships in order to prevent escalation into potentially dangerous ones. We are so excited to finally get started with club meetings as well as planning events and workshops!”

The club plans to host events for the spring semester, such as volleyball and dodgeball tournaments, as well as Residence Advisors and sports teams involved. As of right now, the club is mostly composed of student-athletes, but it is open to all students at Merrimack. 

The club will meet the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm. It is also important to note that One Love is not currently associated with the Office of Wellness Education, and will bring a different pool of students together to create positive change. In addition to the newly established Athletics Diversity Committee, Merrimack’s athletes are doing an incredible job of promoting positive change at Merrimack.