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By Chrissi DiMartino ’18

Staff Writer


“Turns out my real life is garbage, but my fake life is amazing!”—Rebecca Bunch

Rebecca Bunch is a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” but she won’t ever admit it. In the midst of a nervous breakdown, she happens to run into Josh Chan who she dated for a summer when they were sixteen. When she finds out Josh is moving back to his hometown of West Covina, California, Rebecca decides to move there too. She sees how happy Josh is and she wants that for herself. Also, she never really got over Josh, but that’s not why she moves. That’s what she tells herself, anyway.

In West Covina, she becomes best friends with Paula, a paralegal at her new law firm and they waste no time in concocting various schemes to get Josh’s attention away from his current girlfriend, Valencia, and on to Rebecca. Needless to say, her antics get her into some very questionable situations. The best part? The show is a musical, with showstoppers like “After Everything I’ve Done For You (That You Didn’t Ask For),” raps like “I Give Good Parent” and “Put Yourself First,” and interesting love ballads like “Settle For Me.”

Every character gets a chance to shine. Paula breaks out of her shell, Rebecca finds herself being wooed by someone other than Josh, and even her therapist and her boss get their own musical numbers. You might even recognize a few tunes, as many of them are actually spoofs of existing songs.

Laugh-out-loud funny, occasionally dark, and full of heart, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a must-watch for anyone who’s ever been in a relationship…or gone a little crazy. #Relatable.

Fun Fact: Santino Fontana, who plays Josh’s friend Greg, was the voice of Hans from the hit Disney movie “Frozen.”