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Netflix Recommendations to Prevent You From Going Stir Crazy

Geena Levine ’21

Photo Editor

Being stuck home for days on end is bound to drive everyone a bit stir crazy, but there are plenty of great things to watch to help you pass the time. Here are my top four Netflix recommendations

All American. This show follows a high school boy, Spencer James, who is a star football player at South Crenshaw High. When Billy Baker, ex-NFL player and the Beverly High coach asks him to come play for his team, Spencer’s world is turned around. Billy convinces Spencer that he can help him get the chance to live his dream and play in the NFL if he goes to Beverly High. Is Billy just trying to help Spencer become a better player? Or does he have other motives for bringing Spencer to play for him? This show has a lot of romance, drama, and action in it. I definitely recommend it if you like sports shows, but also if you enjoy drama because this show has a lot of it!

Tiger King. Tiger King follows the story of Joe Exotic, the owner of the G.W. Zoo in Oklahoma. His zoo is full of big cats such as lions, tigers, and even ligers! Joes seems to care only about the cats, but in reality he is keeping these big cats in small cages. He begins to go crazy and ultimately ends up in prison because of a ‘murder for hire’ plot and other charges. At first glance, this show did not seem like something I would enjoy, but once I began watching I couldn’t stop. With only six episodes it is a quick watch and it will definitely leave you wanting to know more about who Joe Exotic really is!

Good Girls. Three women in Los Angeles seem like your typical mothers, but they are all dealing with struggles that ultimately lead them to rob a grocery store. Little did they know that the grocery store had connections to a gang, and they soon find themselves in way more trouble than they bargained for. This show is one of my favorites. It’s funny, but also a bit of action and suspense. You never know what trouble these three moms are going to get themselves into and if they will make it out this time. 

The Office. Although you have probably seen this one before, you can never watch it too many times. The Office follows a group of employees at a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. This office is anything but normal, and the boss (Steve Carrell) is one of the craziest of them all. I would definitely recommend this one to people, whether or not you’ve already seen it because it will keep you laughing all day long.