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Need Help Picking Out Your Classes for Fall? Here Are Our Favorites!

Bri’s top picks: Principles of Public Relations, Intro to Marketing, and Senior Seminar (if you’re a Communication and Media Senior)  

Alex’s top picks: Intro to Communication, Intro to Creative Writing, and Christianity in Context 

Shaun’s Top Picks: Sports Communication, Sport Management, Intercultural Communication, Visual Communication, The Film Experience, Pre and Post Production, and Food Communication

Becca’s Top Picks: U.S. Women’s History, Intro to Communication, Intro to Media, and Intro to Social Justice (with Professor Khamis!)

Liv’s Top Picks: Modern China, Indian Ocean History, US Foreign Policy, and Comparative Politics. Basic Digital Photography 

Kevin’s Top Picks: Intro to Media, Career Exploration + Development, Intro to Television Production, Group Guitar Class, and Elementary Music Theory

Colleen’s: Top Picks:  Sports Communications, Field Production, and Digital Photography 

Geena’s Top Picks: Food Communication, TV Criticism, and The Criminal Justice System 

Margaux’s Top Picks: Intercultural Communication, and Principles of Public Relation

Scott’s Top Picks: TV Criticism, News and New Media, and Radio Production

Caroline’s Top Picks: Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Introduction to Human Development, Introduction to College Writing, Christianity in Context, and Introduction to the New Testament

Ali’s Top Picks: ANY class with Professor Kevin McGravey, History of Rock and Roll, Basic Digital Photography, Misinformation in a Digital Age, and Radio Production 

Sophie’s Top Picks: Introduction to Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, Introduction to Public Health, and Christianity in Context

Mike’s Top Picks: Any class with Professor Jake Turner and Intro to Sports Management.